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Prayer For The Health of Your Spouse and Marriage

by Nancy Connell

During this time there is a lot of sickness going around as well as a lack of exercise or being overworked. Even having to sit at a computer can take its toll on a body. We need to face these things in full force if any evidence of pain, soreness, swelling, or suffering in the […]

Respect In A Marriage

by Nancy Connell

In the world today you will find that respect is not something commonly practiced anymore. There are not many people who teach their children how to respect. The world today is very self-focused with a ‘self-achiever, successor, and crush anyone in the way’ mentality. This has greatly flowed into marriage relationships. Respect can be a […]

The Simple Things

by Nancy Connell

This is a month of Mother’s Day, blooming flowers, and soon to be brides are finalizing their wedding plans for their “June” weddings. With the recent crisis with the virus, it may seem that these things are going to be hard to celebrate. Maybe with the virus they are unable to visit their mothers that […]

Part 2 Wives Submit To Your Husbands – Putting The End To Self

by Nancy Connell

In part 1 of Wives Submit To Your Husbands, we addressed what that meant in terms of being a servant and paying attention to what your husband needs and how a wife’s role has been corrupted by the ideas of the world. We have been called to serve one another. But wives were asked to […]