A Price for Miracles

In this prophetic sermon through Evangelist Barbara Lynch, God details to us the life and price it takes to walk in the miraculous.

What Ever You Place Your Hand to Do

In this prophetic sermon through Evangelist Barbara Lynch, God wants us to understand that just like He did for the Israelite children, He has already parted the waters so that we can walk on dry ground. We are not boxed in, but we are free and we have all of Heaven at our disposal.

Contending for Wealth


The Bible tells us that wealth is necessary to the purposes of God, and this applies to each of us who have been called to do a works for the Father. Each of us have a unique calling and ministry that God has purposed for our lives, and with that comes God’s provision. Learn how […]

Set Your Angels Free


There are so many weapons for the Body of Christ to draw on to fight the battles that lay before us. The one weapon that God desires for His body to use like never before are His Angelic Host.

The Courtroom Scene


In this teaching, Brett Connell exposes the enemy’s weakness as a prosecuting attorney. We we will look at examples from the Bible to learn how satan gathers evidence to use against the Saints of God.

God is Healing Your Trauma


The pandemic has brought a lot of trauma into the Body of Christ. God moved to set free all in attendance from this and other trauma. Listen to this teaching and allow God to set you free from your past.