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Some Will Tremble In Fear

by Christopher Gore

The international date line is about to changed forever.  I am shifting My people from the natural realm into the supernatural realm.  I am aligning them with My timings and placing them into My season. My season is that of retribution.  I will the darkness to be dispelled by My light.  My glory is coming […]

Season of the Basilisk Begins Tonight!

by Christopher Gore

Greetings Saints, Tonight at sundown we will be entering the “Season of the Basilisk” This season occurs every year and follows the dates on the Jewish calendar from the 17th of Tammuz through the 9th of Av for a period of 21 days. This year the season begins on the eve July 11 (tonight) and […]

Special Word – June 24, 2017

by Pst/Evan Barbara Lynch

Daughter, there is nothing you can do to change anyone’s mindset. They are making their choices every day…some are good…some are bad. Lust runs rampant in the DNA and unless total submission to Me is given, so many of My chosen vessels will go under. They will succumb to the perversions in this dark dark […]

Punch Buggy – June 22, 2017

by Nancy Connell

By: Evangelist/Pastor Barbara Lynch Father, are you trying to tell me something with the punch buggy thing? Daughter, the peoples treat me like a game and they do not really rely on anything I say to them. We are in the throes of hell continually and we are being bombarded with all that hell has.  […]

Fires Of Revival

by Christopher Gore

My fires are raging.  The fires of revival are burning all over the earth.  I have set up strategic outposts for My fires to be seen.  My glory is being revealed in this hour.  It is being revealed to those are hungering and thirsting after righteousness.  It is being revealed because of My desire to […]

My Fire, My Power, My Blood

by Christopher Gore

I heard this tonight during the Blood & the Power Revival praise and worship service. I am the God of all breakthroughs.  What I have done for others I will do for you.  I am not a far off God, I am a God who loves His children, who cares for His children and you […]

My Son Donald

by Christopher Gore

The political turmoil in this country is only going to increase.  The enemy is mad at My son Donald because he is not afraid to do My bidding.  The enemy has laid many traps for him but I will keep him from stepping into those traps. My children walk in so much deception.   One minute […]

I Am A Multi-faceted God

by Christopher Gore

I have brought My revival fires on the scene.  They shall consume many but others shall miss what I am doing.  I am not religious.  I am God and I shall be worshiped and adored above all others. Many lives are being transformed by My glory.  They are being transformed as they are in the […]

Special Words

by Admin

4/24 Write these words for ears to hear.  I AM the Lord God Almighty.  Keep it known this night I am working things out for My people who follow Me to know where they are in My Kingdom.  I place a covering on you.  In time it will become a part of you sealing in […]

Intercessors Under Attack

by Christopher Gore

Children do you not understand what is going on in the Spirit realm? Can you not see how My true intercessors are being attacked? The enemy is working His plan to attack those who intercede.  If the enemy takes prayer, he takes the Church.  At all costs intercessors you must lean upon Me.  At all […]