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Special Word – January 18, 2021

by Admin

Prophecy through Sis Julie Betz As far back as the Ancient of days, so has been these angels of darkness, who love themselves only. They have been manipulating My earth and My people for so long.  They have been allowed for a time as this.  For they believe they will win in the end and […]

Special Word – January 9, 2021

by Admin

Prophecy through Sis. Julie Betz. Child, you ask so much before Me. Heaven can hardly wait to bring good news to My people.  First things are first. The falling away is happening  now as I speak. My church has lost their way through the leaders in sheep’s clothing.  It is about bringing My people to […]

Special Word – January 6, 2021

by Admin

Prophecy through Sis. Julie Betz Blasphemy, mockery, these people come against all that I AM.  Truth, Justice, is who I AM and it shall be from Me. I shall loose My Spirit of Justice upon this land.  Whoa to those who call yourself just, for you will receive My Justice of Truth.  Not the lies […]

Why You Should Not Celebrate Halloween.

by Christopher Gore

Given on Facebook live through the Lighthouse Inc., Church Exorcism Team. (Notes from research by Chuck Missler) This is a dangerous time for Christians. Halloween appears to some as seemingly “harmless” involvements but they are “entry ways” for the occult withcraft, divination, sorcery, etc, and can prove very tragic for the unwary. Halloween’s Pagan Background […]

Special Word – October 7, 2020

by Admin

Prophetic word through Rev. Christopher Gore from the Wednesday evening teaching Time Is Marching On… Time is marching on and My works shall be accomplished in the earth. I have an agenda. I have a plan that I am fulfilling.  My plan is bigger than America, its bigger than the Democrats and Republicans.  My plan […]

Special Word – September 23, 2020

by Admin

Prophecy through Rev. Christopher Gore from the Wednesday evening teaching Witchcraft in the Church It’s time for My peoples to burn all the bridges behind them and march forward into their destiny in Me. The cesspools of this world are getting deeper and many of My Children are being drowned in them. I made a […]

Special Word – August 29, 2020

by Admin

Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz Children are you laboring in vain? Are you going to see the sunny finish that I am bringing you into? Trust Me- and I say Trust Me- when I say that the storm clouds are already upon you. Deep torments of hell are waiting to get an inch to work […]

Cloud Of Witnesses

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Cloud Of Witnesses By: Rev. Aaron Betz Today I was feeling somewhat vulnerable and weak. God in His Goodness made known to me a weapon of warfare that I never really considered. He led me to ask for and agree with the testimony of the Cloud of Witnesses over me. The testimony really reinforced me; […]

Special Word – August 27, 2020

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Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz The Caves and Caverns of a Broken Heart. Children, look around about you- and I mean really look. Look and see the desolation, the devastation that really exists. Where are you in all of this? Are you praying those prayers that you know to pray? Do you believe Me that […]

Criminalizing Christianity

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Please read this article from Liberty Counsel exposing the persecution of the church in America. Today, I will share portions of the Pasadena, CA, Criminal Prosecutor’s official notice to our clients, Pastor Ché Ahn and Harvest Rock Church, threatening YEARS in prison and daily fines if the church continues to remain open for worship. I […]