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To be a Good Wife… Proverbs 31:10-31

by Nancy Connell

  So many women skip this chapter in the Bible because there have been many concepts taught that are contrary to this Scripture. There have been mixed feelings as to the place of a woman in the home. They feel that these Scriptural teachings are not for the women of today. The truth is Proverbs […]

Making The Important Decision To Marry

by Admin

Making The important Decision To Marry Why is it that the importance of a commitment to a decision that lasts a lifetime seems to be something that so many take little time to think about and understand the importance thereof? Many times we make decisions based on what we feel. If we go to the […]

What If You Were Asked To Have A Hosea Marriage

by Admin

What If You Were Asked To Have A “HOSEA” Marriage? If God was to tell you that you are to marry someone knowing what the marriage is going to be like and what suffering you would have to endure, would you do it? Hosea, the prophet, was asked to marry a prostitute. His marriage was […]

Giving Commitment Of Marriage Vows

by Admin

Have you ever noticed that marriage vows are not decreeing what you are going to get but what you will give? Throughout the Bible marriage is addressing both of the roles of the husband and wife; male and female. When He addressed them it is in the form of their duties in the marriage not […]

Showing Jesus Christ And Love To Your Spouse

by Admin

  If your spouse was the only soul you were responsible for showing who is Jesus Christ and His love, how would you rate yourself today? I have been seeking God’s face and asking Him what He would like me to write about to start reaching out to others concerning marriage. At first, I did […]