The saying Love is blind many not be exactly what most people view it as. Love is blind can be a choice to look beyond the present situation and love the person themselves in the mist of their issues, sin, or downfalls. It is not ignoring the issues but deciding to look pass them.

   In scriptures you will see numerous examples as when love triumphed over bad things, sin, mistakes, flaws, and in the end overcame all of it. When Jesus went to the cross to die for us, he did not look at our sin, but instead choose to love us enough to give up His own life to save us.

   Love being blind is not a license to allow someone to do whatever they want to you, excuse them of the lack or overburdened personality and choices that they may make, or allow any type of abuse to take place. Instead Love being blind is a choice to allow yourself to not forget the good to be found even in the midst of the darkest and hardest battle you may face.

   There are times when you are dealing with an alcoholic husband or an addict wife. It is holding onto the good times and seeing the best in those individuals not when they are plagued in their sin or under the influence of their choices, but who they are as individuals. It is choosing to love them as God loves them and stand beside them through it all.

   You are able to see who they are beyond the sin and beyond their negative choices. You are able to see past all those flaws and love the person underneath.

   Sometimes loving that person, you have to make hard choices. Love is having wisdom to know when to speak and when to stay silent except in prayer. It is important to use wisdom and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your love properly so that you can be the most effective in showing them the love that God expects you to show them. This kind of love can bring a change in their lives.

   Think about it. If you did not allow love to blind you from the flaws, sins, and other bad things, you would not be able to handle, tolerate, or endure the battles to help them win over these things and help them to see past these things themselves. You would just let them go and drop them like a hot potato. Instead you choose to use this love and wisdom on how to help them fight, to win, and prepare to move forward in their life and walks with God.

   God does this for us each and every day. We in turn need to do the same thing for our spouse. It is easy to be so quick to jump onto what we perceive to be our spouse‚Äôs negative issues and see what is before our faces, but if we would let love shine pass that, we may be surprised as to what brought the result that is staring us in our face.

   Do you allow love to blind you so that you love your spouse past all the sin, mistakes, and flaws that they may have?

   When you love through the eyes of God and not of man, you will see that you can walk in this love. You do not have to do it alone. You can ask God to love through you. The Love of God can do the impossible. And as you walk in blinded love and keep your eyes and ears open to the Holy Spirit, you will be able to see the person come forth as God has seen them as the whole time.