Sometimes when you go into prayer for your spouse and loved ones, you really don’t know what to say. So much may be going on in your week that you are just not sure where to begin. This is ok. It is in this time that you need to really trust that God knows.

Clear yourself from every thought that floods your mind. Clear yourself from the enemy’s lies that you have failed because you don’t know what to bring before God the Father first. Take a moment and just allow the Holy Spirit to soak into you like a sponge. Take a moment and just be still before God.

Sing a song and just open up. Allow God’s presence to come down and just really saturate you and clear you of all the debris that can be collected from all that you and your family may be facing. Let your heart, mind, body, and spirit soak in the Love of God and knowing that He will never let you go.

Allow God to dictate to you what needs to be dealt with and release it all into God’s hands. Be open to receive any instruction this week that your spouse or family will need you to be listening for God’s voice.

Truth be told, if you are feeling overwhelmed on what to address, your spouse could also be feeling this way. Your spouse may just need a new pouring out of God’s Love and a refreshing touch of the Holy Spirit. Your spouse may just need encouragement that they are hearing God and that you are there to support them and love them.

This week pray for your spouse to get a refreshing dose of God’s presence and experience an encounter with Him. Ask God to replenish any area that may be feeling dry, inadequate, or tilting off balance in any way. Ask God to remind your spouse that He is only a whisper away. Ask God to renew His love and relationship with your spouse with an extra touch this week. Pray that the fire comes down and touches your spouse heart and bring them on fire once again. Pray that the Glory of God comes down and restores your spouse’s faith and hope, and their heart song. Call upon the Holy Spirit and He will help you.

Sometimes just sitting in God’s presence, worshiping Him is all God may want from you for the moment. Be content to sit there and know that God has things all under control. This is a week of restoration and refreshing. It is a week to come back alive from the dead and let God’s Hand move upon you and your spouse. As you sit and allow the process to be completed, you will see that when you are lined up with Him, all things will work out for His Glory and your good.

Don’t be afraid to speak in your heavenly tongues when interceding for your spouse. There may be things that God doesn’t want spoken in “human” tongue but in the spirit that will address things without hindrances or complications. Enjoy this time with God and watch what He will do not just for your spouse but for you as well and great healing can take place.