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Fresh Word May 16, 2021 (#3)

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Prophetic word from the Sunday morning teaching You Shall Live I was after something in you.  I brought you into these situations so you could practice your faith. Only these kinds of circumstances could produce true faith in you.  Only your absolute trust in Me could ever get you out! {Now} I want you to […]

Fresh Word – April 15, 2021

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Somewhere down the line all things are going to finally make sense; but until they do, I am asking you to walk by Faith and Trust knowing that I never lead My True Children astray.  I am leading, guiding each and every footstep along this straight and narrow path of Holiness and Righteousness. We will […]

Fresh Word – January 13, 2021

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Daughter this election has consumed everyone’s minds, so much so that even My True People cannot hear My still small voice.  Children I have already spoken, and I have already said how this adventure is going to turn out.  Please trust and believe and then receive My Words of Truth.  This will all turn out […]

Fresh Word – January 10, 2021 (#2)

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Children to what degree do you trust Me?  Is it with your entire being or just a portion of yourself? If you are to be blessed, you must trust Me with your entire being.  In My Kingdom there is no place for doubt and unbelief.  You must know who I am and then you must […]

Fresh Word – August 25, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

I have supplied you with every weapon of warfare that you will need to fight the battles that are looming before you.  FAITH AND LOVE work hand in hand and they always move My heart of compassion and grace.  Stand on My Word at this given time more than ever little ones; for the enemy […]

When You Have Nothing To Say

by Nancy Connell

Sometimes when you go into prayer for your spouse and loved ones, you really don’t know what to say. So much may be going on in your week that you are just not sure where to begin. This is ok. It is in this time that you need to really trust that God knows. Clear […]

Fresh Word – July 19, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

MORE THAN ENOUGH!  I am going to keep telling My church this until they believe it.  Children I AM more than enough in every area of your lives.  Just pick yourself up off of that dusty dirty carpet of despair and trust My Word.  My Word is trustworthy in every area of your life. So […]

Fresh Word – May 26, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Heads up!  Good News and Bad News on the horizon.  Good News – My Glory drop is on its way.  Bad News – The darkness is getting darker by the day.  The muzzles will come off; but the enemy of your soul will still try to plague you.  You must be strong in the Lord […]

Special Word – May 21, 2020

by Admin

Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz Children, there is calm before the storm. There is peace, an everlasting peace, that I want you to engage in during this season. This peace will orient you for revival: it will station you and firmly ground you and in-so-doing remove the stagnation and old and beggarly things. Do you […]

Fresh Word – March 10, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Every day you live you will see a trial of some sort – why? Simply because life goes on.  When life goes on, things happen and when things happen, your faith grows and when your faith grows, Miracles begin to happen. You see, each day you will have a chance to trust Me for every […]