Children to what degree do you trust Me?  Is it with your entire being or just a portion of yourself?

If you are to be blessed, you must trust Me with your entire being.  In My Kingdom there is no place for doubt and unbelief.  You must know who I am and then you must know who you are in Me.  Once you have this cemented in your heart, there is absolutely nothing I will not do for you.

The world is spinning out of control, but My Kingdom is always in control.  I so desire that you understand once and for all that you are to walk in the Heavenly Kingdom and not get involved with the things of this world.

This world is full of darkness. Deception is running rampant.  Hatred for the Brethern is out of control. Violence all around about you.  But if you ascend into My Third Heaven and abide there and receive all I have for you, when you descend into the earthly realm the darkness will have no place in you.

I have given you the keys to unlock the mysteries of Heaven.  I have given you the Blood of My Son Jesus.  I have given the angels charge over you. I have given you the trumpet to hold back darkness.  I have given you all the weapons of warfare.  I have given you Love, truth, grace, and long suffering.  The world does not have all of these things little ones, but you do. You are My True Warriors of the Cross and I can send you to war and you will have Victory after Victory on all sides.  You will be able to bring the darkness to its knees at such a time as this.

You who have cemented yourselves in Me, you have been faithful, and you have been true to your calling and now we march on in total Victory to bring in the Greatest Harvest the church has ever seen.