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Fresh Word – August 3, 2021

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Too much procrastination still!  My children are still trying to figure out what is truth and what is false when there is nothing to figure out.  I am the truth and the way.  I have been speaking the truth.  There is never a mixture in what I say.  The mixture comes from the false God.  […]

Cindy Jacobs: God is Sifting the Fiery Darts Arrows

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

The Lord says: “I am with you in the midst of the shaking. I am with you when the wind is blowing against you and when Satan is trying to take you down emotionally.” I see different situations are hitting at your emotions like fiery darts, but the Lord says, “I am going to send […]

Fresh Word – August 1, 2021

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Lift your eyes unto the hills from whence cometh your help.  I am forever faithful and I am watching over My people.  The enemy has no place in those who have come up hither and dined at My table.  No where will you ever find that My children were taken out, when they follow Me […]

Fresh Word – July 31, 2021

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Daughter much danger on the horizon, and My people -as a whole- are not prepared for the danger that is lurking around every corner.  I have been training up true warriors and I do have an army of true warriors that have learned how to fight, but there are so many more in the field […]

“Time to Be Whole Again and Overcome! A 28-Day Prayer Focus”
Chuck D. Pierce, Corinth, TX

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Prophetic word released on July 29, 2021:

Dear Advancing Ones:

We are all going into a new era and moving toward a new place in the Lord. Last week, I dealt with so many people who had experienced tremendous trauma and were continuing to experience severe circumstances. My first thought was, “I need to help people make it through trauma.” However, this morning the Lord spoke to me and said, “You need to help people to become whole again. This is a time when My people must create an overcoming spirit!”

“To overcome” means to conquer, to vanquish, to subdue (overcoming enemies in battle), to surmount, to get the better of (overcome difficulties or obstacles); to overpower, to be victorious. There are many conflicts ahead for each one of us. Conflict is linked with the resulting “change warfare” that we encounter while advancing toward God’s Kingdom plan. Therefore, the Lord is bringing new strength into our spirit man. Remember, we do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit (Romans 8:4).

A Call to Be Whole

When we surrender our lives to the Lord, we are usually fragmented in our souls, with pieces of our lives scattered here and there. The power of “scattering” is linked with a curse that has a right to operate because of sin and iniquity in our lives. When we sin, pieces of the person God intends for us to be are left behind, connected to the times where we missed the mark and acted in our own strength. We trade purity, blessing, health, and/or a part of God’s perfect plan for our lives for a moment when something of lesser significance temporarily satisfies our desires. Therefore, parts of the whole person that we should be lie scattered along the paths of our lives at each place where temptation led us to sin.

Although we, in the Western world, tend to compartmentalize our lives into the physical, mental and spiritual (or body, soul and spirit), the fact is that a proper biblical worldview is one of a unified, whole person in whom these parts are not separate entities, but are interconnected.

Why Is Everyone Talking About ‘Gaslighting’? Here’s What It Means and How to Spot It by Unknown Author

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

This act of psychological manipulation can degrade self-esteem and even lead to serious health issues, including depression—here’s how to recognize and stop it.

You may have heard the term “gaslighting” in the news or on social media. But what exactly does it mean? Gaslighting is a term used to describe the act of using psychological manipulation to get another person to question their own feelings, perception, or sanity. And in case you’re wondering, yes—gaslighting is a form of abuse, says Viviana Coles, psychotherapist and doctor of marriage and family therapy at her practice Houston Relationship Therapy in Texas. Usually gaslighting is behavior used by a person trying to persuade someone to stay in an unhealthy romantic relationship, but it can occur in any relationship where one party is dependent on another, both professional and personal, and either online or in-person. It could be a boss or coworker; a romantic partner or relative; in some cases, even an acquaintance you’re cyber-communicating with (think: a Twitter thread argument that’s gone off the rails).

People are not born gaslighters. “It is a product of social learning—you witnessed another doing it, you experienced it or you happened into it as a way of controlling a moment,” says Robin Stern, Ph.D., a licensed psychoanalyst and co-founder and associate director for the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence in New Haven, Conn. “Gaslighting is a way of ‘righting’ yourself when you feel off balance; of deflecting the conversation away from you and onto the character or skills or sanity or reality of your ‘gaslightee’; of not having to take responsibility or answer direct questions that you don’t want to answer.”

Fresh Word July 26, 2021

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Whenever I call your name, I need you to come to attention.  You are living in a time of instant works.  Your ears need to be entuned to My voice 24/7.  The words I am speaking will bring life.  They will bring in the harvest. They are the tools you need to go forth and […]

Fresh Word – July 24, 2021

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Heaven is My footstool. Isaiah 66:1 (NKJV)1 Thus says the LORD: “Heaven is My throne, And earth is My footstool. Where is the house that you will build Me? And where is the place of My rest? Children where is the house that I have asked you to build for Me. I require Holiness and […]

Fresh Word – July 25, 2021

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Prophetic sermon from the Sunday morning teaching What Ever You Place Your Hands to Do. I want to do the very same thing for My children today.  Children just as I parted the red sea for My Israelite children, I desire to perform every miracle you need. Children what can you believe for?  Today I […]

Fresh Word – July 25, 2021

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Out of the ashes of despair I will bring forth a glorious church.  A church that understands that I am God and there is none like unto Me.  With this church I will bring in one of the biggest harvests seen by man. Isaiah 61:3 3 to console the mourners in Zion–to give them a […]