Special Note from Sis. Elizabeth Cassutto.

Its me again. Just saw on PC alerts – that there’s a virus/malware scam going on to try & infect PCs, laptops, & 📞 before January 20, 2021.

Two quick things to do now. Pass this on don’t get virus/on your device. Easy. 1 minute ⬇️
(1) If you see an ‘ALERT’ or ‘UPDATE’ saying ‘Donald Trump had been arrested, hauled out of White House or such’- ITS MALWARE. Don’t take the bait. Don’t open this file. ‘delete’.

(2) On phones, PC, laptop – you need to DISABLE AUTO-UPDATE feature- for now. (Hearing big tech or Trump haters going to ‘pretend’ to be President Trump updating you on phone’). To infect devices. If an FCC /Emergency broadcast alert does come on – you’ll know. For those of us old enough to remember ‘civil defense and emergency broadcast drills’… we know it’ll be on tv/radio weather, emergency alert, tv/radio. Internet has been compromised by false media. If President talks, it’ll be thru FCC which monitors air zones. TV/RADIO.

Ps: if you’re tv is off/a FCC govt regulation allows them to automatically turn your TV on (air signals controlled thru Satellite 🛰) in event of National Emergency. This may not happen – just an fyi.

So – on your device (Apple or Google play) – go to the “menu icon”‘ its at the top upper left – there’s three lines – go into that. Then, scroll down to “Settings”. Then go to “AUTO-UPDATE”- press “Disable”.  That’s it. Keeping AUTO-UPDATE on during Emergency enables hackers to LOAD malware. I got a 📞  about this from a friend who said in Pennsylvania. They’re telling people to do this.

No fear. We’re under God’s protection. But never hurts to be pro-active. This is a disinformation & digital giant that is fighting truth – to the American people. So – let’s keep our devices safe. Oh, and for us believers – we have EXTRA benefit: the blood of the Lamb. I’ve prayed over my phone, car, computer, cellphone, & Tv asking the Lord to cover it all by His blood. Rebuke the schemes of darkness. One minute Holy Ghost Insurance prayer. Worth it, if you ask me.

Shalom. Be at peace.⬆️ He’s got this.               Long live King Yeshua.👑