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Evangelist Barbara Lynch – Prophetic Utterances on January 4, 2023

Evangelist Barbara Lynch gives a teaching to encourage you.

2022 Playlist for Lighthouse Inc., Church Teachings

2021 Playlist for Lighthouse Inc. Church Teachings

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Being About The Father’s Business
with Rev. Barbara Allsopp

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Book of Psalms Part 72

Part 72 discusses Psalm 136 where it gives God praise as He portrays His mercy and lovingkindness in His creation and how He takes care of His children.

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Daughters’ of the King
with Rev. Kathryn Gore
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The Lighthouse Inc. Church presents Episode 3 (2023) of Daughters’ of The King. “Fighting Against Discouragement”

With so much going on, discouragement is trying to settle in. Don’t let this take place. Fight against discouragement. Join Rev. Kathryn as she shares a message about how we need to keep our eyes on the Lord. If we keep our eyes on the things of this world, we will become discouraged and ultimately be defeated. Draw closer to the Lord in this season. He is all that we need.

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Fe En Medio De Las Pruebas
Rev. Astrid Sherriff
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Revelacion de como remover montañas en nuestras vidas/Revelation of How to remove mountains…

Rev. Astrid Sherriff

Nosotros removemos montañas por medio de la oración y confiando en Dios We remove mountains by praying and trusting God.

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Exorcism Team Discussion (ETD)
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ETD Special Broadcast Episode 25 ETD {2022} Pt 2 of ?.

ETD shares an exorcism that took place on one of its members, Christopher. This is a clip from a series of exorcisms that took place with Christopher. Christopher has battled gluttony, anger, depression, and anxiety for a good portion of his life. This exorcism shows what can happen as an alternate personality comes forward and takes over a person’s life.

In today’s episode we see Christopher as Rev. Alan confronts a demon of unforgiveness of self. Along with that was an alternate personality that kept a record of wrongs. It allowed Christopher to engage in a judgmental attitude towards himself and others. Then God started dealing with layers of pain and anger that came from the Body of Christ. This was directed at Christopher. This pain would open the door for Christopher to be at war internally with everything. Pain turned into anger. The next layer was demons of contempt, callousness and anger. They were being controlled by a wounded part of my spirit man. Watch as Christopher shares this experience with you.

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Revelations from the Courtroom of Heaven
with Rev. Aaron Betz

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Getting Ready for Payback (Pt 2 of 2)

We are going deeper into the realm of receiving. Let’s go for a deep dive in to the Court of Recompense and learn what we need to receive in order to walk fully out of darkness.

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