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Evangelist Barbara Lynch – Jeremiah 14

Evangelist Barbara Lynch gives a teaching to encourage you.

2022 Playlist for Lighthouse Inc., Church Teachings

2021 Playlist for Lighthouse Inc. Church Teachings

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Being About The Father’s Business
with Rev. Barbara Allsopp

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Book of Psalms Part 65

Part 65 continues in Psalm 119 with verses 133-157. The psalmist tells how God’s Word establishes his steps, gives him understanding, and keeps him from his adversaries.

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Daughters’ of the King
with Rev. Kathryn Gore
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The Lighthouse Inc. Church presents Episode 30 (2022) of Daughters’ of The King. “Witchcraft in Delaware”

A new animated Sitcom has come out that will make your head spin. “Little Demon” is being aired as adult entertainment due to the nature of the series. Disney has a big part to play in this. Join Rev. Kathryn Gore as she shares a message about this sitcom being based out of her home state, Delaware and how Disney has lost it’s way. This sitcom is based off the anti-Christ spirit and we should all be aware of the present age we are living in. Demons and witches are real, but they have no power of the One True Living God. Selah.

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Fe En Medio De Las Pruebas
Rev. Astrid Sherriff
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Su Gloria/His Glory

Rev. Astrid Sherriff

La Gloria Fe Dios es honor, adoración y alabanza y nos lleva a un nivel más alto en el y nos transforma./God’s glory is honor, praise and worship it takes up to a different level in him and transform us.

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Exorcism Team Discussion (ETD)
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ETD Special Broadcast Episode 22 ETD {2022} Pt 2 of 2.

Destroy Christian Churches. Pt 2 of 2. Christopher shares Chapter 17 from Dr. Rebecca Brown’s book, “He Came To Set the Captives Free”. Elaine, the former high priestess witch from the Brotherhood gives 8 assignments that satanist use to Destroy Christian Churches. These 8 assignments are very effective against the passive Church. The Body of Christ needs to wake up and get saved and realize that we are fighting a real devil. In this episode we will cover assignments 5 through 8. Assignment #5 – Teach and Change Doctrines. Assignment #6 – Break up the family unit. Assignment #7 – Stop all accurate teaching about satan. Assignment #8 – Direct attacks by witchcraft against key members of the Church. Satan is real. His tactics are real. He is dedicated to stopping the Church. Listen as Christopher shares the truth.

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Revelations from the Courtroom of Heaven
with Rev. Aaron Betz

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The Justice of Heaven Part 2 of 2

Now is a time for action. It is time to take your spot in the first 2 Courts Justice Courts of Heaven. Get the full explanation of the protocol you need to truly be effective before the Throne of God.

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Courtrooms in Heaven teaching series
with Rev. Brett Connell and Rev. Aaron Betz

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Revelations from the Courtroom of Heaven – A Restoration from within the Courtroom

Learn how to retrieve the things that you have either forfeited or have stolen from you so that you can serve God better.

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