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Evangelist Barbara Lynch – Walk in the Light May 7, 2023 Sun Pm

Evangelist Barbara Lynch gives a teaching us about the Light of Christ.

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Being About The Father’s Business
with Rev. Barbara Allsopp

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Books of 1,2,3 John Part 3

Part 3 of 1 John 2 continues in the discussion of how to walk in the Light in the areas of one’s conduct, their relationship with others, not loving the world and the things of this world. In this discussion is included the identification of the antichrist and the lusts of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.

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Fe En Medio De Las Pruebas
con Rev. Astrid Sherriff
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Caminar en la Plenitud del Amor de Dios

Rev. Astrid Sherriff

Caminando en la plenitud del amor de Dios nos ayudará a amar a la cosecha de almas y pasar tiempo con Dios.

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Revelations from the Courtroom of Heaven
with Rev. Aaron Betz

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Government of Hearts Part 2

If we are not seeing into the heart of life, we are missing the mark. Learn what God expects from an ambassador of His Kingdom.

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Daughters’ of the King
with Rev. Kathryn Gore

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DoTK (2023) Episode 16

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Prophetic Word From Lana Vawser, “Daughters of God, His Fire Is Bringing Forth Multiple Births” pt 2″

Join Rev Kathryn Gore as she shares a Prophetic Word given by Lana Vawser about Daughters of God arising again. Many women have entered into a place of discouragement due to the warfare that has come upon their lives but this is a season of new freedom, fresh anointing, a season of fire! Be encouraged. Your time is now!

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Exorcism Team Discussion (ETD)
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ETD Unforgiveness Pt 2 of 3 (Episode 10) Time to Forgive

Nothing gets in the way of freedom like unforgiveness. Let’s do a deep dive on this subject with a right on time teaching from Pastor Barbara Lynch

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