The Lighthouse Church is committed to teaching and training the Body of Christ to walk in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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Willing and Obedient

If you are not wholeheartedly yielded to the Father, then you are yielded to someone else – i.e. the devil. The Bible tells us that you are a slave to the one you obey – whether it is God or the devil. Listen to this teaching and allow God to fill you with an anointing […]

Lean Not to Your Own Understanding

In this teaching, God anoints us to be the light that leads others. It is this light that will allow us to know what God is telling us to do. Be done with leaning to your own understanding, and be done with procrastination. Receive God’s anointing and let your light shine so bright that it […]

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Fresh Word – January 20 (#3)

Prophetic word from the Wednesday evening teaching New Window A new window of opportunity is opening up for the body of Christ.  This new window holds within it the Greater Works that My Word speaks about. In this window of opportunity dwells all that I have spoken over your lives. You will have the opportunity […]

Fresh Word – January 20, 2021 (#2)

Daughter each second brings America closer to destruction.  The protective barrier was torn down when they removed My chosen son Donald J Trump out of the office of President of these United States of America.  Now the chaos will begin.  Now those nay sayers are going to see what they have done.  Great gnashing of […]

Fresh Word – January 20, 2021

Now there will be anxiety on all sides, for people will be running to and fro and they will no longer know what to believe.  Truth be known, they have caused their own calamity.  They did not heed My voice of instruction and this insurrection had to take place. My words never return back to […]

Fresh Word – January 19, 2021

Father, please let me know what is about to take place. A mighty insurrection is about to befall the White House.  Destruction on all sides. America at this time does not want to be great again – they are still wallowing in their filth muck and mire.  I have a surprise for the wicked and […]

Special Word – January 18, 2021

Prophecy through Sis Julie Betz As far back as the Ancient of days, so has been these angels of darkness, who love themselves only. They have been manipulating My earth and My people for so long.  They have been allowed for a time as this.  For they believe they will win in the end and […]