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Breakout of Deliverance and Healings – August 19, 2018

A great pouring out of deliverance from severe bondage is out breaking all over this land. There has been a great mental illness of captivity that has numbed the people to what is real and what is false. I am breaking these chains and turning them around. It will be a great comeback of the […]

Fresh Word – August 19, 2018

Nobody and I mean nobody can even fathom what I am about to do. The signs wonders and miracles are already occurring all across this land. Just be faithful and true and I will also visit you with great signs wonders and miracles. The move is on and nobody can stop this move. All the […]

New Beginnings and Smoldering Fire Come Alive – August 18, 2018

My children, today is a day of new beginnings, great hope, and life changing opportunities. Get your eyes off of the things around you and put your eyes right upon Me. There are smoldering fires still in your heart and as you focus upon Me, the kindling of My love will bring the fire back […]

Valley of Pain

Have you found yourself in a place where you are not happy in your marriage or in a relationship of any kind and just feel miserable? It may be that you feel that anything you say or do just doesn’t make things better or give you the results you are looking for or even wonder […]

Fresh Word – August 17, 2018 (#2)

Now on the other hand, there will be many who will profess to know Me; but in their heart of hearts they do not. These you must be aware of and do not allow them to come in and beguile the sheep. You as a Shepherd of the flock must be ever vigilant and you […]