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Fresh Word – April 23, 2019

There is no distant from My heart to yours. You are My beloved ones that I have been watching over and grooming for such a time as this. Now that you are ready and being sent out; you must focus on Me more than ever, for it is through Me that you have all that […]

Fresh Word – April 22, 2019

Finally, you have received the truth that My Son Arose and now sits at the right hand of The Father.  Now we can get down to business and now we can be about My business of restoring everything the palmer and canker worm has stolen. Children get ready for the blessings to start to flow.  […]

Fresh Word – April 20, 2019

Forever faithful!  I am forever faithful to My true followers. Not everyone who speaks My name is a true follower of The Cross.  There is a mixture in My churches all across this land and that mixture must be weeded out.  I am about My business of weeding out the tares in those churches who […]

Fresh Word – April 19, 2019 (#2)

America – do you not see what you are doing?  You are kicking against the goads when you come against My Son President Donald Trump.  You are arousing My wrath and I am saying to you this day – {STOP} before it is too late. Come to your senses and regroup and understand that President […]

Fresh Word – April 19, 2019

This day I have set apart for My Son.  I want My Son to be honored in every way.  Give Him some time this day in your thought life and remember what He did at Calvary so the entire world would one day sit in Heavenly places. You know that some have rejected this day […]