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Fresh Word – September 18, 2018

More than enough! My promises in My Word are more than enough and I promise you My children that I never lean to your understanding of My Word; but I am a God of justice and I know how to bring justice into every situation in your lives. Take heed how you view today and […]

Prophetic Word by Sis. Julie Betz – September 17, 2018

Prophesy through Sis Julie Betz Speak of these things, child. You are at the cusp of things beginning upon the earth.  The evil one sets his plans in order.   They are of nothing good for My people;  only destruction.  He is a lunatic with  only thoughts of himself.   He will use and I mean use his minions […]

Prophetic Word by Rev. Aaron Betz – September 16, 2018

Prophesy through Rev Aaron Betz Son, I have let you feel My heart and It is grieved; for so few love Me the way I love them.  I am not asking them to reach My capacity of love, I am just asking for devotion. (They live in) an endless sea of forgetfulness of who I […]

Prophetic Word by Sis. Julie Betz – September 16, 2018

Prophecy through Sis. Julie Betz Write My words for ears to hear. Seek first the Son of God that you may be redeemed by your Father in Heaven.  Come unto Me now children as a Shepherd gathers his flock.  It is time to check everyone out and see and reveal all that is not of […]

Fresh Word – September 16, 2018

From where ever you wander there is always a trail.  The enemy knows your goings in and your goings out.  He is well aware of your every footstep.  Why? You ask.  His eyes are constantly looking for those he can devour and My chosen children are always targeted. You must be aware of the fact […]