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Renewed Faith

God wants us to shake off all unbelief and realize that this a time for war. In this prophetic sermon through Evangelist Barbara Lynch, God reveals that many of the attacks of the enemy can be staved off as we are at our post fully dressed for warfare. What follows is an in depth teaching […]


Like Joshua the High Priest, we have been plucked from the fire. In this prophetic sermon God speaks through Evangelist Barbara Lynch that He has plucked us from the fire of sin and put royal robes upon us so that the devil must go his own way and leave us alone.

Promised Land

The Promised Land is where every promise that God has given will come into fruition. In this prophetic sermon through Evangelist Barbara Lynch, God the Father explains that it is time for severe warfare to gain back what the church has allowed the enemy to steal. God is calling us to come up with Him […]

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The Lighthouse Inc. Church Profecia – 03 de deciembre de 2020

ENGLISH TRANSLATION AT THE BOTTOM Profecia por medio Rev. Astrid Sherriff Habra una explosión de Mi fuego consumidor y Gloria que te saturara este día.  Déjate ser transformado por completo y se parte de Mi armada para vencer al enemigo.  Son muchas las cosas que se están desarrollando en lo celestial, Mis ángeles están batallando […]

Fresh Word – December 3, 2020

The beginning has just begun.  The beginning of the end of all corruption in the White House.  The enemy is being uprooted even as I speak to My people.  You need not be concerned about the dark side taking over America; for I will not allow that to happen.  The time is short, and a […]

Fresh Word – December 2, 2020

Prophetic word from the Wednesday evening teaching Renewed Faith My children it is time to renew your faith in Me.  Why have you drawn back in unbelief?  Where is your core foundation that you walked on lo these many years?  Where is your substance that once was in Me?  Why are you lingering {once again} […]

Prophecy: Jesus is Preparing to Take Center Stage by Bill Yount

For several days, I kept hearing the Lord say, “I’ve got something up My sleeve.”

I said, “Lord, what is it?”

He said, “Only those who are close enough to Me, leaning against My breast, hearing My heartbeat and leaning on My everlasting arms, will see what it is. My people have heard from CNN, FoxNews, NBC, MSNBC, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It is high time they hear from Me.”

I sensed His heart was beating fast with excitement to tell us. As I kept leaning against Him, I heard the Lord say, “It’s showtime!”

Giant Marquees Were Lighting Up

In the Spirit, I saw on giant marquees in front of theaters, hotels and many buildings throughout the world, the words, “It’s showtime!” He was announcing to planet Earth that He was coming to show up in a sovereign way to heal, deliver and manifest His glory. It was a Kairos time to show and tell cities and nations what He had to offer. Just when we thought every light on earth had gone out and the stars had fallen from their sockets, His light was returning to the world, expelling darkness….

Overflow Words – December 2, 2020

Prophecies that occurred during the Wednesday evening worship service Renewed Faith Word #1 The floodgates of confusion are just beginning to open and when they come wide open it’s going to be a floodgate of confusion; and, He’s saying if we would just take what He’s been telling us and live it and now make […]