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Immersion is more than baptism- it is a spiritual circumcision of the heart. Immersion cuts away the flesh and revives our spirit, it activates the light so we will no longer walk in darkness- and much more.

Holy Ground

“Take your sandals off, for the place you are standing is Holy Ground.” (Exodus 3:4-5) God wants to work on your feet. He wants your feet to become totally holy so that wherever you walk, the Presence of God inside of you makes that ground holy. Listen as God speaks to us in a prophetic […]


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Fresh Word – September 19, 2020

I have always been your source and I always will be.  These new days of awe will bring upon this land great signs wonders and miracles and I tell you the truth, eye has not seen nor ear heard what I am about to do all across this great land called America. Trust Me when […]

Overflow Words – September 13, 2020 (#2)

Prophetic words given during the Sunday evening worship service Immersion Word #1 God is saying that many in the Body of Christ are caught in a web of confusion and despair. And you’re caught in that web of confusion and despair because you’re not truly immersed far enough into His heart of Hearts. You’ve touched […]

The Lighthouse Inc. Church Profecia – 17 de septiembre de 2020

ENGLISH TRANSLATION AT THE BOTTOM Profecia por medio Rev. Astrid Sherriff En Mi reino encontraras Mi amor, Mi Gloria resplandece en toda su plenitud. Mi cosecha ya está lista para recibir Mi palabra, que es lo que estamos esperando, es tanto las áreas que tenemos que llegar y poco es el tiempo. En Mi reino […]

Fresh Word – September 16, 2020

Darling, Darling, My Darling little ones I am surely with you in each and every minuet second of your lives.  I am with you continually.  I am your encourager constantly!  I have given you My Word and My Holy Spirit along with the angelic host in heavenly places.  I have sent angels on assignment to […]