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Refining The Mind – October 22, 2017

If you turn your mind completely over to Me, I will begin the refining process that is needed for this time and the season to come. You are not going to be able to continue in the same old mindsets, in the same old patterns, and in the same attitude. You are going to have […]

Fresh Word – October 22, 2017

Many Fathers; but no God. My people call upon their earthly fathers; but they never call upon their Heavenly Father. I am sitting here patiently waiting for your hearts cry. I have all the answers to every earthly problem. I so desire to speak face to face to My peoples at this given time; but […]

Rebellion Must Go – October 21, 2017

I am calling out. I am calling out the names of those who I am bringing into My sheepfold. I am bringing those who have lived a life of rebellion in the world. They will come to have a changed heart. They will turn around and serve Me with all of their hearts, bodies, and […]

Fresh Word – October 21, 2017

Many and I say many in the valley of distress. This valley need not exist in any child of God’s life. Am I not the master builder? Did I not make you each in our image? Does not My Word tell you this in full detail? Then why do you think you are some foreign […]

Blessings, Promises and New Territories

Uncharted territories have arisen. The time and hour has come that you will find yourself in situations that the same answers will not bring the same results. This is because this is a brand new time period and new agendas are being given. You are going to have to keep your ears very tuned into […]