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The Love of God

I ask you who do you say I am? My children you still do not understand My nature nor My character. My love is ever lasting and unconditional. You do not have to do anything to earn My love. You cannot stop Me from loving you. Do I get upset with you? Yes, I do. […]

Fresh Word – August 22, 2017

Father what is on your heart today? Faithfulness is on My heart today little one. Total and complete faithfulness is what I am demanding this hour. My people must commit to total faithfulness to My Word and My Ways; if they are to be used by Me. This half way mark is not going to […]

Fresh Word – August 21, 2017

Further the Kingdom of Light; not your Kingdom. Too many are still trying to further their interests and they are not focused upon furthering My Kingdom. I need you to be totally tuned into My voice and to be obedient to all that I ask of you. There will always be time for your ventures; […]

Do Not Go Backwards But Run To My Love

Do not forsake Me any longer. Do not turn your back upon Me in your sin. Lay your sin down and run into My arms. Do not go backwards but come forwards to My throne room of Grace. Allow the edginess of your soul to find peace in My presence and in My love. You […]

Fresh Word – August 20, 2017

Dual purpose! My Holy Spirit has a dual purpose on this earth realm. He will lead My people into all truth and He will teach My people of things to come; for this is the dispensation when My people will be making the news headlines with the information that will be revealed to them through […]