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Special Word – November 11, 2018

Prophesy through Sis. Julie Betz. Write these words for ears to hear. I speak of the truths for these days ahead. There will be much going on. Some (My bride, My Remnant) will be doing the works of their Father who art in Heaven. There will be some going to the pits of hell to […]

Special Word – November 10, 2018

Prophesy through Rev. Aaron Betz. Sabotage, Children: the enemy Is planning an all out sabotage on your very lives. He is going to try to undermine what I have been doing in your lives unto this point. So close. You are so close in this time and he is raging and roaring trying to cause […]

Fresh Word – November 11, 2018

In Whom Do You Trust?  My Word tells you that some trust in chariots, and some in horses.   Again, in whom do you trust?  I desire that you place absolutely everything in Me.  I truly am the God of this universe and I truly am in control of all things.  If you will but trust […]

Use My Word to Keep Pride Far From You – November 11, 2018

It is time that My people must evaluate their desires and balance out their spiritual check books. Too many of My children are taking out more than they are putting in. This is causing them to become spiritually short. On their to do list I am the last thing they come to. I am the […]

Part 1 Submit to Your Husband – Being a Servant

Women, it is time to take our places back into our families and allow order to take place in our lives. There are so many complaints in the way this world has become. The truth is the disorder began in the home. During World War 2 a lot of women had to step up to […]