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Special Word – March 23, 2019

Prophecy through Sis. Julie Betz. I speak to you this day. I AM King of Kings and Lords of Lords. Keep your eyes and ears on alert. My Children you are about to go forth in Me to do the mighty works I have called you to do. Those one’s that have been called out […]

Fresh Word – March 23, 2019

Every day is a brand new adventure for My Beloved Ones.  Each day is rich with My Blessings.  Each and every day I wait to fulfill the prayers of My Beloved Ones.  This day is no different than any other day.  I am sitting in My Holy Temple and I am listening for the petitions […]

Fresh Word – March 22, 2019

Many are looking for something they already have.  My Word has made a way of escape for everything you will encounter in life. The demonic forces of darkness cannot touch you as you walk hand in hand with Me through this troubled land.  You can have peace each and every day and you can walk […]

Fresh Word – March 19, 2019

Today will be a day that you will remember forever; for I have placed My stamp of approval on all who have answered My call to bring in the lost and dying. Today there has been set in the Heavenly Kingdom a day of manifested miracles.  You will know Me in a completey new way; […]

Fresh Word – March 17, 2019 (#2)

Every hurricane comes with violent force.  I am coming like a hurricane and I am going to remove all of the debris that has gathered all around about My Chosen Generation.  I need to blow away all chaff that has hindered and kept My children in bondage. Once free, My children will never again go […]