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Where Do We Go From Here?

With all that has transpired in this year 2020, do you feel like you are at a crossroads? Well, good news- along comes God with a prophetic message based sermon through Evangelist Barbara Lynch. Learn what to do about the confusion in the world that has now overtaken much of the church. Invite the Holy […]

Ministry Of Reconciliation

Has God called you to be a minister of the Gospel? If so, your job is to preach the Good News: that we have been reconciled to God through Jesus Christ. As you listen to this teaching, this important first step of being reconciled to God is one that many people in the Body of […]

Eye Of The Eagle

Evangelist Barbara Lynch teaches us how important it is to have a pure mind. In the book of Exodus, the Israelites took a square golden mitre, wrote on it “Holy to the Lord”, and put it over the forehead of the priest. In this teaching you will find out what this gold represents. You will […]


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Special Word – July 13, 2020

Failure is not an option children. I have trained you all so well- too well for failure. You will all move forward as stalwarts in the anointing. I have allowed each of you to go through the gauntlet of intimidation to see that there is nothing to be afraid of. I have dismantled hell around […]

A Powerful Tool In Marriage – Prayer

Every marriage has its ups and downs. The trials that come can at times feel that they are impossible to get through. There are times you may think what can be done to help, fix, or mend your marriage. No matter what is going on in your marriage the one thing that you can always […]

Fresh Word – July 12, 2020 (#4)

Prophetic word from the Sunday evening teaching The Hour Of Resurrection Power I am going to resurrect what has been dead and buried.  You are about ready to receive the surprises of your lives. All and I mean all that I have promised is on its way.  You have been patient and you have been […]

Fresh Word – July 12, 2020 (#3)

For every tear you shed one soul is saved.  You are living in a day and time where anything is possible.  You will see many roses bloom and come forth with a sweet-smelling essence – these roses are the souls that others have given up on; but I never give up on one soul.  Every […]

Fresh Word – July 12, 2020 (#2)

Prophetic word from the Sunday morning sermon Where Do We Go From Here Well Children – where do we go from here?  We are at the very climax of the end of the ages and the return of My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The harvest is dying on the vine because the workers are […]