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Fresh Word – May 27, 2017

REJOICE MY PEOPLES; REJOICE FOR THE KING HAS COME IN ALL HIS GLORY; REJOICE FOR THE LIGHT HAS COME INTO THE DARK PLACES TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE. It is harvest time little ones and harvest you shall. This is the greatest harvest in church history. This harvest will be so monumental that many will […]

To The Extreme

To The Extreme I have gone to the extreme to get My children’s attention – still they have not seen the errs of their ways and fight to stay where they are. They do not want to see the truth and this saddens me to have to watch. For a season, My children, those who […]

Fresh Word – May 26, 2017

No right way nor any wrong way to do anything—that is the motto of the church of today. Anything goes!  But My word does not say that.  My word tells you: Be ye holy as I am holy.  Only the Holy can see the Lord.  Church keep your eyes focused on the absolute truth of […]

Fresh Word – May 25, 2017

  Forever strong!  From this point and time in church history My church will remain forever strong. Strong enough to ward off any attack of the enemy and strong enough to hold the smallest lamb. My church has learned the lesson of love and My church is going forth as the bride dressed in white […]

Rejoice Zion

This is a time and season where My people are finding themselves at the end of one thing and at the beginning of the next. There is transitioning taking place. Rejoice Zion for many battles have been won. Rejoice Zion for the victories have been many and the war is about over. Rejoice Zion for […]