The Lighthouse Church is committed to teaching and training the Body of Christ to walk in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Recent Sermons

A Time and a Season

As we stay connected to Jesus, all lost souls will be drawn to our light. Listen as Evangelist Barbara Lynch delivers a prophetic sermon and teaches us what it means to abide in Christ continually.

Spiritual Gifts

In this prophetic sermon, God touched us in a deep and powerful way: “I want to fall upon you and give you the gift of being changed totally and completely- never to go back into your past nor your old sin nature. With this gift comes forever obedience to all that I call you to […]

Knit Together

In this prophetic sermon we learn the truth about how God wonderfully formed us and then knitted us together with Him. He has weaved a wonderful tapestry of Himself within our very being. Nothing can come between us and this truth.


Recent Posts

Reminder – Martial Law, Destruction Coming to the Land

Greetings Lighthouse Church Family, With the recent passing of Kobe Bryant, the impeachment hearings for President Trump Pastor Barbara felt led to remind you of a prophecy that God gave her concerning Martial Law. See below. Blessings, Lighthouse Inc, Church To:     Evangelist Barbara Lynch March 10, 2005, 5:27 am This is just the beginning of sorrows […]

Fresh Word – January 26, 2020 (#2)

Be a partaker of My Glory Drop this day.  This is the day for you to reconcile yourself to the fact that you are a vessel that I desire to carry my Glory. I have chosen you for this special assignment and this is a very special assignment.  All that I am calling will go […]

Fresh Word – January 26, 2020

Prophetic word from the Sunday morning teaching Divine Intervention It is intervention time. It is time I exposed the enemy for exactly who he is and as I expose the enemy, I expect you to destroy him on all sides. I love My children and I never ever abandon them at any time. I am […]

Fresh Word – January 24, 2020

Where is the Joy of The Lord?  Where is the sweet-smelling fragrance of My Children sitting at My Feet and adoring Me? Where is the ongoing Praise? Children I am the God of all things and I want to transfer all of Heaven into your bosoms, but this will only transpire as you come unto […]

The Lighthouse Inc. Church Profecia – 23 de enero de 2020

ENGLISH TRANSLATION AT THE BOTTOM Profecia por medio Rev. Astrid Sherriff Ven a mi trono en el tercer cielo; quiero darte revelación de lo que ha de venir, en este final de tiempo se está viendo las señales de las cuales he estado diciendo a mis remanentes, ven con un corazón humilde y arrepiéntete de […]