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Fresh Word – June 21, 2018

All my hope is in Jesus! That is a phrase all My children should remember; for in the days ahead that is the only thing that will keep them steady. They need to know in whom they trust and they need to know from whence they come. I am an Everlasting Father and I keep […]

New Fire – June 20, 2018

Out of the ashes a new fire is being born. The old man will be dead and gone no longer putting out the fire that you desire to burn within you. Just when you thought it was over, you will find out you have only begun. Let not the limitations of this world or the […]

Fresh Word – June 20, 2018

A just reward awaits all My faithful ones. I will give recompense to all those who have not faltered in their walk with Me. All those who have sown into My Kingdom and did not go the way of Baal shall know the Mighty Hand of The Father and they shall go forth and do […]

Rescue the Sinners – June 18, 2018

I have been inflating you with the life of My Word so that I can send you out as a life preserver for Me not a life taker. I am sending you out as oxygen tanks for Me. I am going to send you out on emergency assignments to revive the dead and bring them […]

Fresh Word – June 18, 2018

FAIR! What is Fair? Is it Fair that My Son bore His cross at Calvary and still My Body rejects His blood and His name? Is it Fair that the Body rejects My Holy Spirit? Don’t talk to Me about Fair until you get yourself cleaned up and acknowledge the truth of your condition. You […]