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Fresh Word – August 16, 2019

Just for one moment I want you to sit quietly before Me and seriously listen for My still small voice.  I want you to learn to recognize that still small voice in the quiet so you will hear it in the midst of turmoil.  For surely turmoil will strike your lives over and over again […]

The Lighthouse Inc. Church Profecia – 15 de augusto de 2019

ENGLISH TRANSLATION AT THE BOTTOM Profecia por medio Rev. Astrid Tuve una visión donde podía ver mucha gota de lluvia de diferentes colores blancas, azul, rojo y dorado estaba llena de su unción y la interpretación es hijos ustedes son unos en mí, los he transformado a la imagen de mi hijo Cristo. Podía ver […]

Fresh Word – August 14, 2019

If you will determine in your heart to follow My directions; you will find that I am leading and guiding your each and every footstep.  There is absolutely nothing I am withholding from you.  I am speaking – are you listening? Deuteronomy 6:10 tells you: Deuteronomy 6:10-12(NKJV) 10 “So it shall be, when the LORD […]

Fresh Word – August 13, 2019

Today is an exceptional day for My children; for it is a day of great expectancy – A day when you can expect all I have spoken over you to start coming to pass as I have promised. I am the overseer of your souls and I am watching over you this day – waiting […]

Fresh Word – August 11, 2019 (#3)

Prophetic word from the Sunday evening teaching The Next Door Is Opening To each of you a door has been opened in this season.  A door that you need to {deliberately} walk through knowing that {I} have the key to open and close each and every door of opportunity. 1 Corinthians 16:8-9 (ESV) 8 But […]