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Fresh Word – May 22, 2019

Where ever you roam I will be there with you; for My Word tells you that I will never leave nor forsake you no matter what is going on in your life. Children when you finally get convinced of this fact, you will no longer run from the enemy, for you will know without a […]

Fresh Word – May 18, 2019

Everywhere you look, you should see a soul that needs to be plucked out of the throes of the abyss.  Your job in this dispensation of time is to be a harvester of the lost and dying.  Too many souls entering into the abyss every second of every day simply because My children are not […]

Special Word – May 17, 2019

Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz Simplicity, My children. When you look to Me and you want no other thing other than what I want for you, then your heart will be pure. Don’t feel condemned if you aren’t there yet but realize the work that needs to be done as I show you what is […]

Fresh Word – May 17, 2019

THE BATTLE IS RAGING! Every head and heart needs to come to attention. I have spoken the victory before the war started. I told you of what is coming upon you and now the war has begun – to steal your victories. You must at all cost keep your eyes peeled upon Me and you […]

The Lighthouse Inc. Church Profecia – 16 de mayo de 2019

ENGLISH TRANSLATION AT THE BOTTOM Profecia por medio Rev. Astrid Mientras estaba acostada en piso, el domingo pasado el Señor me enseno lo que había en el cielo. Pude ver la ciudad nueva Jerusalén y como brillaba. Esta es la interpretación de la visión: Quiero llevarlos a lo mas profundo de mí, para que conozcan […]