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Fresh Word – June 28, 2017

Never the same! When this Glory Drop Explodes; nobody will ever be the same. Everybody will change under the power of the Glory. No one will be able to stand under this Glory. It will be so full of Heavenly Power that it will cause even the doors to fly off of the hinges in […]

Take Back What Is Yours

I want you to storm and infiltrate the enemy’s stolen lands that he thinks is his to possess. I want you to take everything back from him that is not his to have. What will he have when you are done removing it? Nothing. Nothing at all will be his own. He is a murderer, […]

Fresh Word – June 27, 2017

We are all in one accord and in one state of mind… Right? Then get ready for the Glory Drop. It is going to come in like a mighty rushing wind and it is going to settle like a vortex and draw the lost and dying into My houses of Holiness. Is there oil in […]

Come To Me

Why My children do you walk on egg shells coming to Me. I know all and see all. I want you to approach Me with boldness and surety that I will hear you and I listen to what you have to say. I weep over My children who will not overcome the pains and events […]

Fresh Word – June 26, 2017

Everything is lined up and the planet is about to explode with My Glory. All will feel and see My Glory. This is the biggest outpouring of My Glory ever in the history of the church. This has to take place so the ultimate harvest of souls can take place before the second coming of […]