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What Are We (The Church) Gonna Do About This?

by Christopher Gore

The Church in America is at a crossroads and the Church in America must stand and make the right decision. The consequences of not hearing God’s voice and following man have proven too costly. We still do not understand the damage that has been done in the Spirit realm by this counterfeit election that has taken place.

Streaming Platform
for you…

by Christopher Gore

Greetings Lighthouse Inc., Church Family, We are excited to announce that our churchstreaming tv platform has completed its upgrade of our Church Streaming Web site. This is going to make your experience better. The new platform has a lot of benefits and we want you to enjoy them right away! A new dedicated and customizable […]

Exciting News –
Worship With Us…

by Christopher Gore

Greetings Lighthouse Inc., Church Family, We are excited to announce that we are going to livestream the videos from Praise & Worship. You will not hear the music but you can sing along to the lyrics from the video’s. We encourage you to join us on the audio conference line to hear all of the […]

Black History Month

by Admin

“God, Break the Power of Every Stronghold in Our Nation!” Dutch Sheets and Will Ford Dutch Sheets writes: In honor of Black History Month, our dear friend Will Ford, III, tells part of his family’s story. History Makers – by Will Ford The first time I heard Dutch speak was at a conference in Colorado […]

Should Love Be Blind

by Nancy Connell

   The saying Love is blind many not be exactly what most people view it as. Love is blind can be a choice to look beyond the present situation and love the person themselves in the mist of their issues, sin, or downfalls. It is not ignoring the issues but deciding to look pass them. […]

Happy President’s Day!

by Admin

Please join us as we celebrate the History of the United States by honoring the President’s of our Country. History is being re-written by those who do not have a complete understanding of it. Today we celebrate President’s Day as a National Holiday. This day was originally set aside as a remembrance of George Washington’s […]

With Deepest Sympathies… Sheryn Glover

by Christopher Gore

It is with sadness of heart that we announce that Sis. Sheryn Glover walked into eternity this morning to be with her Father. Please keep brother Lenell and his family lifted in prayer as they mourn. We will keep you aware of funeral arrangements as they are made.