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Choose To Love

by Nancy Connell

Love is one of the most powerful and meaningful four letter words known to man. The word Love is who God is and what He is all about. True, unconditional, agape love that every human being is looking for can be found in Him. As a child of God, we should be showing a reflection […]

Healing Begins With Forgiveness

by Nancy Connell

As the new year has started and the old year has ended, many people are open to new changes and are willing to let go of the past year and move on. One area of our lives that God wants to change is in our marriages. God wants to heal and mend relationships between husbands […]

Celebrate Your Spouse Just Like God Celebrates You

by Nancy Connell

As a parent, can you remember celebrating the achievements of your child, the milestones that they overcome? Do you remember celebrating the first step, the first picture, and the encouragement to go from riding a training wheel bike to one without to become independent? You may have even displayed what your child has done for […]

Jan 7, 2018 – No Sunday School

by Admin

The Lighthouse Church will be canceling Sunday School on Jan 7, 2018 at 10am; but we will have regular service at 11am.  We look forward to seeing you then.

No Wednesday Service

by Pst/Evan Barbara Lynch

Greetings Saints: Unfortunately many are sick with the bug that is going around including a significant number of our staff… so we have decided in the best interests of everyone to cancel service for tonight, January 3, 2018. There will be no service tonight January 3, 2018. Please take care of yourselves and get some […]

In Sickness and in Health… The Healing of Laughter

by Nancy Connell

Many of us have come into a marriage where there is baggage that the spouse has brought in with them. They may be past hurts, mindsets, traditions, beliefs, pain, or could even be health issues. It can bring a lot of weight on the relationship when you do not know what is going on or […]

Priest of the Home

by Nancy Connell

There are many functions and purposes that each of us generally have in life. There are roles that we are to take being a son or daughter, a parent, a spouse, a coworker, etc. In today’s society it can be very confusing on who belongs where and exactly what the function is of the role […]

The Season of Joy, Family, and of Jesus

by Nancy Connell

Christmas brings out the inner child and childhood memories of Christmas, and the differences in beliefs, traditions, and dealing with memories of those who are not with us any longer. Christmas can be a wonderful and challenging time for many couples who are married or engaged. It can even be a challenging time for those […]

Christmas Eve Service

by Pst/Evan Barbara Lynch

Greetings Friends of the Lighthouse: Christmas is such a special time of the year and I trust that you are taking this time to be with your families and show the Love of Christ to them. Seeing as how, at this given time, God has been teaching us that family is very important to Him; […]

Dangers Of The Sin Of Adultery And Fornication

by Nancy Connell

Society has put such a label on sex as being casual with just about no morals. They have become blinded to the consequences of this sinful lifestyle. They have embraced and become comfortable with it. It has and still continues to ruin and damage marriages. Throughout the Bible God address sexual sins and explains there […]