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Self Deliverance Seminar

by Brett Connell

Greetings Lighthouse Members, I am writing to you concerning The Lighthouse’s current Wednesday night seminars for Self Deliverance. There will be a shift in our teaching content due to the increasing occurrence of soul invasion within deliverances sessions. This is a threat that has not presently been tapped into in the depth that God desires […]

Special Election

by Admin

This special election in Senate District 10, happening on February 25th, affects every one of us, no matter where we live in Delaware. The candidate running as a Democrat is, Stephanie Hansen, an abortion advocate who supports her Party’s platform – which says abortion is a “right” and at any stage of pregnancy. (Read the […]

Jonathan Cahn’s Last Words To Obama And Charge To President Trump

by Admin

Article from Charisma News Jonathan Cahn Members of the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast Committee, Government Members and Representatives, Ambassadors and Delegates from other nations, ministers and people of God, and to all who will hear these words. We are gathered here in Washington, D.C., on January 20, 2017, on the day of the changing of […]

Conquer Series Part 1

by Admin

Greetings Friends of Lighthouse! What a powerful display of God’s mercy and grace we have witnessed this Friday evening as God’s anointing flowed through the teaching He brought across our paths. The Conquer Series – Battle against Perversion kicked off strong with our first week consisting of great in-depth teaching, which revealed the true roots […]

Conquerors Seminar

by Pst/Evan Barbara Lynch

The first class of the Conquerors seminar was held January 6, 2017 Friday evening at 7:00pm. What an enlightening night it was. So many truths revealed and the enemy received a black eye. The information taught opened our eyes up to the subtle tactics and lies of the enemy even at a very young age. […]

Word For 2017

by Pst/Evan Barbara Lynch

December 30, 2016 To: Evangelist Barbara Lynch Father, will you give me a word for 2017? All My prophets are going to be giving a word for 2017. It will be line upon line and precept upon precept. All those who have been seeking My Face for Revival and a Revival of My Glory will […]

Merry Christmas

by Pst/Evan Barbara Lynch

Dear faithful ones who trust and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, Merry Christmas! I am taking this opportunity to offer my thanks to each and every one of you who fellowship with the Lighthouse, whether it be in person or via our web site. Thank you for your faithfulness, your prayers, and your love […]

Set Free From Addictions; Soul Invader Of A Pastor Removed

by Admin
Holy Spirit Led Deliverance Ministry in Delaware

Set Free From Addictions; Soul Invader of a Pastor Removed! Greetings Lighthouse members, Another blessed day because of our Lord Jesus Christ! I am excited at what God is doing with His people here lately. We have seen God yank addictions out of people and totally set souls free from deep demonic bondage and hindrances. […]