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Marriages and Addictions Part 1

by Nancy Connell

Addictions is one of the top things that is causing many divorces to take place and is destroying the lives of millions. It is not a light subject. Pornography, alcohol, drugs, gambling, even the addiction of lying or addiction to eating doesn’t just destroys or break the person who is addicted but it also causes […]

Women Shut Your Mouth

by Nancy Connell

It is time that we women who carry a role as wife and/or mother need to learn to shut our mouths to our husbands and open our mouths in prayer. Homes all across this land are falling apart. Many ideas from society feed the mentality of doing things for self and is very narrow minded […]

Is Your Marriage Perversion Free? Part 2

by Nancy Connell

Last month we proposed questions to get you to think about your sexual life with your spouse and to face whether or not it is lined up with God’s Word or is it laced with perversion. As you explore these issues you will find that one of its roots is a problem in covetousness. Let’s […]

Is Your Marriage Perversion Free? Part 1

by Nancy Connell

Marriages nowadays are getting harder and harder to find that are standing the test of time. Pornography is on the rise both with men and women and it has caused a huge burden on the marriage and has perverted what God created as beautiful. Pornography, lust, sexual fantasy, and everything in between keeps the individual […]

Stronger Foundation In Marriage

by Nancy Connell

A successful marriage seems to be very hard to find as the times are getting darker and so many people are becoming more self-centered. There are connections that are missing and blocks missing out of the foundation. The foundation of a successful marriage is built upon Jesus Christ and His attributes. Communicating with your spouse […]

Benefits of Laughter in Your Marriage & Life

by Nancy Connell

One of the ways that you can strengthen your marriage is to evaluate how often you laugh together. Laughter is good medicine and it is contagious. It is a healing agent that helps both physically, spiritually, and emotionally. King Solomon gives wisdom in Proverbs 17:22, “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Humor brings a benefit […]