Greetings Lighthouse Inc., Church Family,

We wanted to pass this information along to you for the sake of giving you time to prepare.  We are not afraid nor are we pushing fear. We are hearing from multiple sources in and out of the government that there is a strong possibility that our country could go into “Martial Law” very soon.

Many of the sources are saying the same thing.  They are saying plan for the government to shutdown, prepare to have gas in your vehicles, enough food in your home, flashlights, batteries, etc., for at least two (2) weeks.  

If this happens different areas will be affected differently and we would like for you to be prepared for communications to shut off or blacked out as well. 

Enclosed is a copy of a recent report {See Document Below} from the Federal Communications Commission admonishing those who are on the system to comply with the rules of the system should President Trump make an announcement.  Those who fail to comply will lose their license.

We are enclosing a short video {Click Here to view it}, which sums up the chatter we are hearing.  This is not an opportunity to fear but an opportunity to be prepared.

The Lighthouse Inc., Church

Wade McKinney Facebook Live from January 9, 2021

Preparation for days ahead… Martial Law Eminent!Update: Follow me on Parler @Wademckinney – I’m sure FB will block me.