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Joy Must Return

by Nancy Connell

Where has the joy in My people gone? Where have the praises on their lips disappeared too? The greatest weapon they could have during this time has been replaced with gloom, doom, and despair. Anger, frustration, dredge, dreariness has taken its place and has brought a separation within themselves and with others. It has weaken […]

Prayer In Marriage – Releasing Those Bad Moments

by Nancy Connell

In a marriage you have good moments and bad moments pretty much throughout your day. There are things that are going to drive you crazy about the other person that is going to get on your nerves or cause you to question, God what are you really doing? God doesn’t say that this would not […]

When You Have Nothing To Say

by Nancy Connell

Sometimes when you go into prayer for your spouse and loved ones, you really don’t know what to say. So much may be going on in your week that you are just not sure where to begin. This is ok. It is in this time that you need to really trust that God knows. Clear […]