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Measure of Thankfulness for Your Spouse

by Nancy Connell

In this season of Thanksgiving and the change of weather and time, it is also a time that we need to reflect upon where our lives are and where they are headed. In this same theme, let us reflect on our marriage and see just where we are at in our marriage. How thankful are […]

Be the change You Want Your Spouse To Be

by Nancy Connell

Everyday comes challenges and changes. In marriages, things seem to be very celebratory in the beginning. Much grace is given to the spouse because the “blindness” to their flaws is still there. In a way it is actually very close to the scripture “Love covers a multitude of sin.” It is not like the flaw […]

Marriages and Addictions Part 2

by Nancy Connell

What is an addiction? According to the dictionary an addiction is defined as the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. Addictions is not reserved for just drugs, alcohol, sex, eating, gambling, or things that have been known to be associated with the word addiction. There are many other […]

Part 2 Wives Submit To Your Husbands – Putting The End To Self

by Nancy Connell

In part 1 of Wives Submit To Your Husbands, we addressed what that meant in terms of being a servant and paying attention to what your husband needs and how a wife’s role has been corrupted by the ideas of the world. We have been called to serve one another. But wives were asked to […]

Part 1 Submit to Your Husband – Being a Servant

by Nancy Connell

Women, it is time to take our places back into our families and allow order to take place in our lives. There are so many complaints in the way this world has become. The truth is the disorder began in the home. During World War 2 a lot of women had to step up to […]