Marriage Tidbits

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Stronger Foundation In Marriage

by Nancy Connell

A successful marriage seems to be very hard to find as the times are getting darker and so many people are becoming more self-centered. There are connections that are missing and blocks missing out of the foundation. The foundation of a successful marriage is built upon Jesus Christ and His attributes. Communicating with your spouse […]

Benefits of Laughter in Your Marriage & Life

by Nancy Connell

One of the ways that you can strengthen your marriage is to evaluate how often you laugh together. Laughter is good medicine and it is contagious. It is a healing agent that helps both physically, spiritually, and emotionally. King Solomon gives wisdom in Proverbs 17:22, “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Humor brings a benefit […]

Part 2 Wives Submit To Your Husbands – Putting The End To Self

by Nancy Connell

In part 1 of Wives Submit To Your Husbands, we addressed what that meant in terms of being a servant and paying attention to what your husband needs and how a wife’s role has been corrupted by the ideas of the world. We have been called to serve one another. But wives were asked to […]

Part 1 Submit to Your Husband – Being a Servant

by Nancy Connell

Women, it is time to take our places back into our families and allow order to take place in our lives. There are so many complaints in the way this world has become. The truth is the disorder began in the home. During World War 2 a lot of women had to step up to […]

The Irresponsible Spouse

by Nancy Connell

Many times when a person gets married, they have an idea on who they believe a person is and have made up their mind on what they are like and most of it comes from focusing on the things that are good. Then once a person gets married, the flaws become amplified for one reason […]

Fight For You Marriage – Don’t Throw In The Towel

by Nancy Connell

Have you ever thought about why it is so easy to defend your child or your parenting but you are not so quick to defend your husband or your marriage? Unfortunately in today’s society that you see this happening. When things get tough it seems that people are quick to throw in the towel and […]