How we are really opening the door to the devil in our marriages and how to get them closed? During this time of the pandemic is very important to understand that there are doors that we could be entertaining to open to the devil without realizing that it is a door that we are leaving wide open.

Our marriage is our vineyard. We have delicate grapes that needs tending to keep our marriage flourishing and growing. One of the biggest threats to a vineyard is a fox. You will find that the Bible warns us of these foxes in the bible in Song of Solomon 2:15.

What can a fox be? One form of a fox is a thought. Bad thoughts. Thoughts that come to second guess your marriage and that you can get attacked with especially when things go wrong. Right now the enemy is attacking our thought life with fear, doubt, discouragement, depression, and everything you can think of that would cause stress, confusion, destruction, and division.

What do foxes and thoughts have in common in a vineyard? They both can destroy the fruit that come from the vines of a marriage and ruin the crop and if they are not dealt with can destroy the whole vineyard.

When you dwell on bad thoughts they begin to spoil your “grapes” in the marriage. The grapes can represent the good times in your marriage. It can represent all the good that you have in your marriage. It can represent the prophetic Words you have received about your marriage. It can represent the love that God has given you for one another. Leaving them any of these thoughts untended to and is not defended, they will sour and go bad and cause the marriage to take a horrible turn for the worse.

Thoughts can turn into words and words have the power of life and death. {Proverbs 18:21} Many couples say things out of desperation or in the moment wanting to get a particular reaction, but the truth is you just open the door for more foxes to come in and destroy your ‘vineyard’, your marriage. It can destroy through the pain and wounds that come from the weapons of the words spoken. Stop the weapons before they leave your mouth by taking care of your thoughts and what has entered into your heart. {Proverbs 4:23}

You cannot win in your marriage if you have already lost it in your mind. A quote that has stood out to me is “If your marriage is permanent in your mind, problems will be temporary. If in your mind your marriage is temporary, all problems will be permanent” – Vladimir Savchuk

Are you going to continue to allow the foxes in your vineyard or are you going to cast them out as the Word of God instructs you to do and take back your vineyard? The devil can only destroy what you give him to destroy. Are your thoughts lining up to God’s Word or are they lining up on your negative emotions or stinkin’ thinkin’?

Do not allow this stressful time to cause stress and havoc in your marriage. Get rid of the foxes. Guard your mind with the Word of God and reinforce the boundaries of your vineyard with it.

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