Spring time is upon us. I would like to challenge you to ponder on the following and reflect on your marriage.

When you first met your spouse, a seed of interest was planted. With that seed of interest, you dated and got to know one another. You prepared the soil with conversation and thoughts of the other person. You dwell on all the good attributes of that person desiring to become one with the other. Philippians 4:8

You begin to allow the love and compassion to grow and prepare the soil with wedding plans. The excitement and detailed preparation is utilized to get the ground all prepared where you plant one seed together called marriage. Mark 10:8

Some go through pre-marriage counseling and deliverance, which is highly recommended. This gets your ground ready for the roots of the seed of marriage to grow, be nurtured, and withstand the storms of all the growing seasons of life. When you do not do this, it makes seeds of marriage much more complicated to grow and be fruitful.

Once the wedding takes place and the seed is planted, a shift takes place of having to break out of the shell and become one by growing roots to make your marriage strong and healthy. This is the time where you have to fight the enemy to not allow you to focus on the negative but to continue to look at the good and work out the bad. 2 Corinthians 10:5

In the Word of God, it is stated that a man should take the first year off from war or business and have that time to become one with his wife. This shows the importance of how much what goes on as the seed is first planted is vital. Deuteronomy 24:5

You are going to want to make sure you fertilize the soil with the proper nutrients, your heart and soul, with the Word of God and the Love of God, dwelling, seeking, and spending time with Him together and apart and placing Him as first and foremost in your marriage. You will find that breaking out of the shell is hard. Growing proper roots can be hard and challenging but not impossible.

As the seed of marriage grows and starts sprouting its way up to the surface, you will find you will face different and greater challenges, but if your roots are deep and properly rooted, you will be equipped to face them. You will be able to not focus on the bad but to keep your eyes upon the good while working with God to fix the bad within yourself so that you do not corrupt the growing and rooting process with flesh, bitterness, anger, resentment, or hurts of the past to name a few. Ephesians 4:31

All of this may sound wonderful and great and what you wanted when you got married but something has happened. Your marriage seed is not growing as it should and may even begin to produce bad fruit.

The good thing about a seed is it can be restored unless it is completely dead.  If you did not grow the correct roots or a part of your tree has become bitter or infected, they can be cut off and they can be regrown stronger and deeper as your apply the Word of God and allow the restoration begin in you.

You may have been a hard winter month season. Do not give up. It is not over unless God says it is over. Take time this month and reflect on the “soil” that your marriage is planted in. Take time to reflect on the roots, branches, growth, and blooms of your marriage. Are they producing the correct fruit for the Kingdom of God?

Let this spring time be a time of restoration for your marriage, so that you can produce fruit for others for the Kingdom of God.