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Joy Must Return

by Nancy Connell

Where has the joy in My people gone? Where have the praises on their lips disappeared too? The greatest weapon they could have during this time has been replaced with gloom, doom, and despair. Anger, frustration, dredge, dreariness has taken its place and has brought a separation within themselves and with others. It has weaken […]

Fresh Word – March 10, 2021

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

The tabernacle of praise is always a welcome sound to My ears.  I love to hear the praises of My people.  I love to see you with arms lifted high and praise filling the temple. It is astounding to watch you as you get lost in My Love, and My Glory ascends upon you like […]

Fresh Word – January 28, 2021

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Children you are not a lynch mob going after the enemy.  You are worshippers that know how to defeat the enemy on your knees in an attitude of praise and worship.  I am calling the worshippers to go ahead of the army.  The battle is raging, and it is through worship that we will consume […]

In Prayer – Praise God For Your Spouse

by Nancy Connell

Prayer is a conversation between you and God. It has multiple purposes and positions but all in all it really is communicating with God. An important part of praying for anyone or anything is praising God and bringing down God’s presence and opening up the window of Heaven. Too many times we focus on all […]