Where has the joy in My people gone? Where have the praises on their lips disappeared too? The greatest weapon they could have during this time has been replaced with gloom, doom, and despair. Anger, frustration, dredge, dreariness has taken its place and has brought a separation within themselves and with others. It has weaken them in so many levels. It has become a common thing with the world.

Words of negativity, disbelief, opposition, and deceit has become the ruler of their tongues. Instead of rejoicing when they come into My house, they dread and look at it as a chore, a checklist, something that they have to do instead of wanting to do it.

Their relationship with Me has become stale and their focus has become on themselves, their situations, their desires. They are no longer looking to the Author and Finisher of their lives except for selfish reasons.

Tears stream from My heart because instead of them being an atmosphere changer, one filled with My love and My joy – they contribute to the atmosphere of darkness and trouble. This must come to an end.

There is no time for this foolishness. Selfishness must die and My children must become alive in Me once again. They must be the atmosphere changers with My worship, with admiration of My presence, and filled with their love for Me. If they do not turn from where they are walking at this very moment and change the words of filth flowing from their mouths, they will die completely with no return.

I cry out to you to come and return to Me. Do not allow this time and season to devour you. This was a time and season to run to Me and into My arms. This was a time and season that you were to come together, tight knitted in unity and not against one another. Too many soldiers have been left behind to fend for themselves instead of joining arms and helping one another.

Turn your eyes back upon Me. Allow Me to do what needs to be done in your life and you just stay focus and draw deep into Me.

Allow My joy to bubble up back inside of you once again. Allow My fire to burn and allow My praises, My worship to flow like oil from your lips. When you do this, you will see the miracles come, My Glory will flow, and lasting change will take place. True salvation will manifest in your lives.

Joy must return back into My house. You must be the atmosphere changers. Turn and run into My arms or forever be lost. I am bring the prodigals and lost back in and I will NOT have you destroy them. I do not wish to lose any of My children, but the choice is yours.

Choose this day whom you shall serve and do it with all your heart. There is a work to be done and no time for any foolishness. Make your decision. Stick to it. And the rest will be written down in history.

This is an exciting time. There is much that is about to break open and breakthrough for My people. You are not going to want to miss out on one of the greatest times in the history of man. A big movement of My Glory and Presence is going to take place over this land, like a tsunami. All that I have spoken is going to come to pass.

This is the hour that I have promised about. Open your eyes and see. See what the enemy is trying to do and defeat him.

Rejoice little ones rejoice. Those who were lost are being found. Those who were blind will begin to see. Those who are sick and now going to be recovered, completely. I have spoken and promised and now is the time it shall come to pass.

Oh if you could only see how each day holds so many special things and all they have to do is be embraced. You would not worry or doubt but instead trust that I have all things taken care of.

Enter into this place of rest and rejoicing in Me. Allow Me to restore you, revive you, and take My hand. Be resurrected in Me and lay down all the foolishness, all the selfishness, and get your footing back in Me and be about My business.

It is time for the world to see that Hope can be restored. But it starts with getting that Joy back deep down inside of you and walking it out each and every day with Me. Turn your lips from this world and place your lips to flow with the honey of My Words and you will see My hand at work and life be restored.