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Fresh Word – November 15, 2020 (#3)

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

God spoke: AMERICA HAS ONCE AGAIN BECOME AN EAGLE NATION What Does an Eagle Symbolize: Both bald and golden eagle, being among the largest birds, symbolize power and freedom. In 1782 as a symbol of the United States of America the American bald eagle was adopted as the national bird. The bald eagle was chosen […]

Fresh Word – November 3, 2019

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Healing is coming because of the Rain – the Former and Latter Rain that falls so abundantly. Those in My house that have been suffering from infirmities will be suddenly healed from the crown of their heads to the souls of their feet. You will see new horizons and new anointings coming to you. You […]

Prophetic Word by Sis. Julie Betz – July 22, 2018

by Christopher Gore

Prophecy through Sis. Julie Betz July 22, 2018 Yes daughter write these words for ears to hear.  I Am the coming King.   You are sons and daughters of the living God.  I sing Hallelujah! for I shall rein on earth as it is in heaven.  I know the time I have set for each […]

My Fire, My Power, My Blood

by Christopher Gore

I heard this tonight during the Blood & the Power Revival praise and worship service. I am the God of all breakthroughs.  What I have done for others I will do for you.  I am not a far off God, I am a God who loves His children, who cares for His children and you […]