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Fresh Word – May 3, 2020 (#2)

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Prophetic word from the Sunday morning teaching Get Ready For The Glory Drop No one has seen {this Glory} that is coming, absolutely no one. Those who have lived outside the light will weep and wail when they see this Glory that is coming upon all of the land. I have been speaking about this […]

Fresh Word – January 21, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

The tried and true are coming forth with great expectation in their hearts and they will tear down the Kingdom of Darkness on all sides because they know whom they serve and whom they belong to.  There will be no hesitation on their parts as what they can do.  They know without a shadow of […]

Fresh Word – January 12, 2020 (#2)

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Some say that I am not a miracle working God.  Some say that I do not exist. Some say that there is no Heaven nor hell. But I have news for all the world. There is a miracle working God; I do exist; There is a Heaven and a hell. Now that we have all […]

Fresh Word – November 26, 2019

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

New trails, new promotions in the spirit realm, all things are being made new, right now, even as I speak. This is a new era; a new dispensation of time and I so desire to make your lives over and bring all the new into focus at this given time. Brand new horizons lie before […]

Fresh Word – November 7, 2019

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Too little too late. My children who will not yield to complete surrender to Me at this given time will be making this statement with much remorse. The time has begun – My Glory has fallen and now for the Holy Spirit to do His job and bring about the Greater Works in My Body […]