Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday morning worship service Greater Works

Word #1

I would like to know why you are still upset over the things that happened to you lets say, two days ago. We are not supposed to be carrying around aught of any kind. Our hearts should be clear and humble at all times. And God has given us authority and power to walk in purity of heart. Now why aren’t you walking there? This is just what God is asking you: Why are you still upset with other people and what they’ve done to you?

Do you understand when you do that, you hinder what the Holy Spirit needs to do in that person’s life? When you keep them in bondage and won’t let go of what they’ve done to you, they can’t move forward in God because that thing in you has them bound, and God is saying this morning: let go of it.

Word #2

How many times has God said “Can you feel the wind? I’m breathing upon you, can you feel the wind?” That was His life giving breath that He was breathing upon us so that we could go forth as new creatures in Christ Jesus doing the things He’s called us forth to do. Are you listening? I’m hearing God say some of you were always listening to a different melody. In other words, you weren’t listening to the voice of God, you were listening to something else.

Word #3

I’m hearing God say this is going to be such an exclusive thing that all the world will stand up and pay attention as it goes forth. You guys that God is calling forth this morning, to go forth and do the Greater Works, you will be surprised at how the Holy Spirit works through you, and where He leads you to. And He’s saying some of you have always second guessed yourselves, don’t even think about guessing yourself at all, just let the Holy Spirit lead you in the path He would have you to go.

Word #4

I’m hearing God say much will transpire starting today and in the days ahead that will not only change the world around you but will change your life period. You’ve been walking in not darkness- but in the dimness of the darkness and God’s going to bring you out into His glorious light and His light is gonna emanate forth from you and nothing will be able to stop you.

And God’s telling me to tell you that right now some of you have determined in your heart that this has been the day you have been waiting for and you’ve determined that no devil in hell will be able to stop you ever again; that you will not go backwards in any way, shape, or from; but you will continue to go forward and you won’t be concerned about what people are saying or what people are doing around about you, you’ll just know that you have been sent by God and you have a works to complete for Him.

Some of you, you’re so concerned about your husbands and you wives and God said you don’t have to be concerned about your husband, wife, or children for He has them in the palms of His hands and He’s taking care of them as you go forth and do the Greater Works that He is calling you forth to do.

He said the miracles are just gonna flow and once they start, they’re not gonna stop. And I’m also hearing God say the persecution will begin also; because you will be persecuted for the name of Christ. And that persecution could start in your church, it could be in your home, it could be from your best friends; but you have to endure the persecution and just walk on and He’s saying some of you will even lose friends because they’ll become jealous of what God is doing through you and they’ll be saying this can not be God using you this way and they’ll walk away from you. Let them walk. They did the very same thing to Jesus, did they not? Let them go. They’re not worth the calling that God has upon your life. They’re just not.

Word #5

What are you gonna do this morning? Are you gonna follow God or are you gonna follow man? Do you want to do the Greater Works? I’m hearing God say do you want to step into this new arena that He’s opening up for you this morning? Are you willing; and then will you be obedient to what the Holy Spirit tells you to do? He wants you to think about this and He wants you to let go of all your aught against other people and He just wants you to walk in the fullness of God and do what God is calling you forth to do.

Word #6

If you really want to do the Greater Works and you come up here, God is going to open up a new avenue for you, and He’s going to place a new anointing upon you that where the enemy restricted you, you will no longer be restricted, but you will go forth in His might and in His power with the Glory of God on you and you’re gonna see great signs, wonders, and miracles follow you wherever you go.

Word #7

Greater works. Greater works. Greater works. Greater works. Receive the Greater works.

Right now, God has given you everything you need to go forth and do the Greater works. He’s given you everything you need to see the signs, wonders, and miracles happen wherever you go.

Word #8

Some of you in here this morning, you can’t receive because you have bondages. You have deep rooted bondages that God wants to take up out of you and as you cry out to God, He’s gonna rip those things out of you and set you free so you can receive from Him, but until you can really receive in the fullness you should not be going forth and laying hands on anybody. But there are a few of you in here that do have bondages. Seek God’s face, get yourself set free.