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Fresh Word – July 29, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Time will tell!  There is so much doubt and unbelief all over this land.  The reason for the doubt and unbelief is because My children truly do not know Me.  They know of Me, but they do not know Me, therefore, they do not understand My ways.  There are some very important things that I […]

Fresh Word – June 2, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

The darkness has come upon this nation and the people are not prepared to handle it.  What does My Word say: If you can’t run with the men on foot how can you compete with horses? Jeremiah 12:5 5 “If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can […]

Fresh Word – May 17, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Wherein have I promised you the moon?  I have not promised you the moon.  I have not promised you a walk with Me that does not entail a battle of some magnitude.  Children, you must at all cost stop looking into the deception that has come all across the land. I am not a God […]

Special Word – December 11, 2019

by Admin

Prophetic word through Rev. Christopher Gore from the Wednesday evening teaching Delusions & Deception If you walk in prolonged periods of deception this deception will turn into delusion. This delusion will entrap you within itself and it will be very hard if not impossible to break a person out of this and if the person […]