Wherein have I promised you the moon?  I have not promised you the moon.  I have not promised you a walk with Me that does not entail a battle of some magnitude.  Children, you must at all cost stop looking into the deception that has come all across the land.

I am not a God of deception.  My truths are very plain, and they are yes and amen. Why is it that every time a storm comes your way – you fall apart?  Why do you not lean upon My Everlasting arms and trust Me to calm the storm.  I have given you promise after promise after promise and still you lean to your own understanding every time there is even a hint of a storm brewing.

My entire Word is full of storms that My Beloved ones came through unscathed.  Why did this occur? It occurred because they trusted in the one and only true God.  They trusted Me with the very fibers of their beings and they never gave up hope, no matter how strong and furious the storm became.  Believe Me, many that have gone before you endured the worst of storms and did not complain.  Some lost their lives; but they clung onto their everlasting hope in a God they could not visibly see, but they could see Him everyplace they ventured.

You have absolutely no inkling of what it is like to weather the storms of life in complete Hope and Confidence in a God you cannot see.  You puff up your chest in pride, but you are not Mine.  You will not allow a storm to come your way and test you – you are continually trying to pass the buck to someone else – when I in fact, am trying to get your attention in the storms of life.

Keep doing as you are doing, and you shall not see the Glory.  My Son endured one storm after another for your sake and still you overlook all He went through just so you could set in Heavenly Places one day.

Oh, ye of little faith.  You will see, you shall surely see – but it shall be too late.  Take the blinders off your eyes and unplug your ears so you can hear My Still Small Voice – Repent and turn from your wicked evil ways – before the storms take you completely out.