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Points of Intercession for The Body of Christ.

What Are We (The Church) Gonna Do About This?

by Christopher Gore

The Church in America is at a crossroads and the Church in America must stand and make the right decision. The consequences of not hearing God’s voice and following man have proven too costly. We still do not understand the damage that has been done in the Spirit realm by this counterfeit election that has taken place.

Happy Hannukah 2020

by Christopher Gore

God has been building line upon and precept upon precept. Yesterday (December 10, 2020) at sun down we joined our Jewish Brothers and Sisters in a celebration of Hannukah. If you have never heard of this story and the miracle that took place you really need to take some time and learn about it. For those of you who are crying and moaning because you are not Jewish and you don’t believe we should be learning about our Jewish roots you can stop reading right here. There is nothing left for you to learn about our Father.

Why You Should Not Celebrate Halloween.

by Christopher Gore

Given on Facebook live through the Lighthouse Inc., Church Exorcism Team. (Notes from research by Chuck Missler) This is a dangerous time for Christians. Halloween appears to some as seemingly “harmless” involvements but they are “entry ways” for the occult withcraft, divination, sorcery, etc, and can prove very tragic for the unwary. Halloween’s Pagan Background […]

Season of the Basilisk

by Christopher Gore

Throughout history the spirit has sponsored plagues at various times causing great numbers of people to
experience death. During those periods of time in history, especially the Dark Ages, man attempted various superstitions and fables in his attempt to combat this evil spirit and the death that it had brought, rather than applying the blood of Christ and accepting the victory [of the Cross] through His revealed Word.

Opening Post

by Christopher Gore

Our Father has placed it upon Pastor’s Barbara’s heart to create a resource that the Body of Christ can use to help keep up with everything that is going on.