Date:  7-6-2020

The Federal Reserve sent out a notification across this Nation on June 11, 2020.  It stated that it is changing the way that it distributes coins.  Pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters are now in short supply and this is being blamed on Covid-19 (Corona Virus).  This has been buried in the news but is starting to show up as restaurants, banks, and other merchant establishments posted warnings about the lack of change.  These warnings also come with a polite ask of please use your debit/credit cards for purchases.

Some may not find the shortage of change strange but if you know Bible prophecy, you know that there are pushes and moves to have the world use a single currency.  Is this a baby-step to making this happen?  I do not want to come out and say that right now, but this is something that we definitely need to keep up in prayer before the Lord.  Rev. Alan Farkas continuously warns us to be aware of “False Flag events”.  A “False flag event” is a covert operation designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them. 

Could the antichrist spirit be using the Federal Reserve to push the United States into a new single monetary system with the rest of the world.  At some point in the future this will happen.  Is this the baby-step that pushes us there?  We already know that the technology exists microchips to be used to buy and sell products and services of all kinds.  We also know that there are people who are willing to have a “chip” implanted into them for the convenience of not have to carry around money.  Nothing at this point in time is happening by accident.  Could this be a false flag geared to make the one world money system come to pass? 

There are a lot of weird things that have been going on for a long time, coming to the forefront.  For instance, this virus, when has the government shut the whole country down for its own good?  With all of the medical scares throughout the history of this Nation, when has it ever disrupted the supply chain for every product that is consumed including food?  Whole sectors of our economy were just shut down.  Every major aspect of life was put on hold and with extraordinarily little resistance from the American people.  When has something like this driven up the food prices and caused food shortages that necessitate tri-weekly mobile food pantries all over the country?  And now we are being told that suddenly there are is a shortage of coins.

In many ways we are being tested to see if we are paying attention.  There have been moves in the past to have all of the currency on the Western Hemisphere converted to a single form.  In Europe they moved forward with the Eurodollar.  They have been moving and pushing and angling trying to make this happen on our side of the world.  Are these the right conditions to bring us fully into this scenario of having a single currency? 

The Federal Reserve believes that low circulation of coins is the main contributing factor in the decrease in supply.  This does not make sense with the advent of online shopping and the innovations that came from keeping businesses open and afloat during the early stages of the virus.  If a good percentage of the business were closed where did all the money go?  If no one was spending cash why is there a shortage?  It also turns out that the Federal slowed production and distribution of new coins from their facilities to accommodate safe distancing procedures for their employees.  Something is off and we need to be praying and seeking the Lord.