The Supreme Court of the United States struck down a case in Louisiana that would have started us on the path of possibly overcoming Roe versus Wade.  Many in the Christian community are upset after hearing the news.  It is a sign of the darkness prevailing in the land but we must continue to do our part by praying and interceding like never before.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, an appointee of former President Bush in 2005, cast the last deciding vote against the Louisiana Law.  He was supposed to be a judge who voted with Christians.  What’s ironic is that in 2016 Justice Roberts voted to support a very similar law that came out of Texas.  Analysts says that the language was nearly identical.

The Supreme has had more conservatives join the Bench since President Trump began in office in late 2016.  The Supreme Court seated under President Trump Justice Neill Gorsuch in 2017 and Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.  Both of these Justices leaned heavily to the conservative side and it looked like this Louisiana law would be upheld.  You have to ask what’s going on with once conservative Justice Roberts.  It’s the enemy.  He doesn’t want to stop killing babies. 

The law in Louisiana was created to place restrictions on the doctors performing abortions by increasing the level of credentialing and certification needed to practice abortions at the clinics.  This law would have made it mandatory for abortion providers to have administrative privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the abortion.  If they did not, they would not be allowed to perform abortions. 

God spoke to Pastor Barbara and said that Roe versus Wade would be overturned.  So, this ruling in the Louisiana is not a cause to lose heart.  It’s a cause to go deeper into intercession this Supreme Court ruling is contrary to the law of God.  The Supreme Court turns out be a Supreme disappointment.