Prophecies that occurred during the Wednesday evening teaching Anointed Ones

I am walking softly among you . I’m looking down upon you and I am blowing a new wind over you. This night changes you for the rest of your life. You will know what it is to walk in the Glory. You will know what it is to walk on the streets paved with gold. You will know what it is to feel The Master’s hand in your hand continually. For this anointing that I’m placing upon you this night is an anointing that you’ve never received before. I am giving you little tidbits of My Heavenly Kingdom. You would not be able to take it all at one time. Receive what I am doing with you this night. I am doing it with tender mercy and tender love for I care for My own and you truly are My own.

The enemy used to have his sway in your life but, no longer. For I the Lord thy God, I have made a way of escape, and I have brought you out of the wilderness. I brought you through the Jordan, and I brought you into the Promised Land. And now, My little ones, you will be like David and you will slay the giants on all sides, and you will bring My people that are in bondage into freedom. There are even those who are in My churches who are in bondage. They are the prodigals that I am bringing back into My house. Treat them gently. Treat them with love and compassion; mercy and grace, and watch them once again follow My footsteps and rejoice in Me.