Prophetic word from the Sunday evening message Heavenly Warfare

When I spoke of these coming days, I also spoke about the part you would play in these days of completeness.

The average church goer does not understand the fullness of the hour.  But those who have hidden themselves in Me know exactly what is going on.

There is no longer any secrets to be kept. The battle of light and darkness is on the scene and all that are in Me have run into the shelter of My arms. 

The enemy has assigned his warriors to combat. This is a – no holds barred war – against My true warriors, and because of this, the angelic host has been called to the forefront arrayed with their orders to protect My true warriors with all that Heaven holds.

While this war is going forth, you will be bringing in the greatest harvest of souls that the church has ever witnessed.

Children and I call you children because you are precious in My sight, and you have surrendered all of yourselves to Me and have learned to trust Me with all that you have. 

You are precious in My sight and sometimes I weep over you because My heart is so full of love for you. 

Just as My Son took the scourging and trudged up Golgotha Hill, you went through testing after testing; trial after trial; through the furnace often.  You were misunderstood; falsely accused; blasphemed; but you still stayed the course of holiness and righteousness and for this you have a special place, in Heavenly places, reserved just for you.  Your names are known throughout the Heavenly realm.

My Son Jesus hanging on the Cross was the greatest love story ever written.  But your persecutions are great love stories also.  The enemy learned quickly who loved Me and who did not, and he went after those who truly love Me.

Children there is no more condemnation in My true children.  You have come through that valley victoriously and the enemy has no place in you. 

Just as the enemy is trying to overthrow the government, he has been trying to overthrow your walk with Me, the true and loving Father.

Sometimes you say: Father did I do right?  Are you still pleased with Me?  Children, you did right, and I am so overwhelmingly pleased with you.  Children you are the strong towers that I have been building up for a decade now and I am a proud Father, and there is absolutely nothing the enemy has against you.

When he comes before the Throne of grace to accuse you, he has nothing on his plate about you. 

Children our love story will be told throughout the chronicles of time. There will be many books written about our love affair and the great exploits each accomplished because they were vessels of love that I used to defeat the enemy of hate on all sides.

You will be known because of your love little ones.  All will know that you are of Me, because of this great love you bestow on even the vilest criminal.  There will be no mountain you can’t climb because of this great love walk that you have embedded within your vessels of honor.

Because I pulled you out of the dregs of this world, you will now go forth and pull the lost out of the very pits of hell.  This world is in a tailspin into the abyss and you are being sent on a mission to pull the lost forth at any cost and show them the Kingdom of love {first}. 

The Kingdom of {love} is what will get their attention and then from there you will show them of My ways.

Just as My Son Jesus rose with resurrection power; you will take resurrection power to a lost and dying world. A world without form or void. A world sucked into the abyss of darkness with no way out.

You will go into the streets and minister to the addicts and you will see them instantly delivered and healed of all manner of sickness and disease.

Just as My Son Jesus had the anointing to cleanse the leper, you will walk in that super abundant overflow of anointing that will destroy the works of darkness on all sides.

Each 40 year dispensation of time has a special purpose and that purpose is always fulfilled.  This 40 year dispensation is to harvest the souls; great signs, wonders, and miracles; and preparing the way for the second coming of My Son.

This will be a year of new praise and worship being brought to the forefront.  You will worship My Son in Spirit and in truth; for you will not need the warfare songs.  Even though the battle is ongoing; the need for warfare songs has passed and now you will worship in Spirit and in truth.  During these times of worship I will perform many miracles. 

Even the dead shall be raised. All will be saying {Oh what a glorious time this is.}

Peoples will flock into the houses of refuge because of the anointing that breaks every yoke that flows from worshiping in Spirit and in truth.

I am calling new worship leaders to the forefront that I have had on the backside of the desert. They will come forth full of the Glory and they will worship and draw My flocks into true worship and chains will be broken and fall off. The blind eyes will be opened and the lame will walk. 

You are partakers of this beautiful sight.  Oh what a glorious day this will be!

There you have it little ones.  The love story that far exceeds all love stories.

My Son Jesus, while still on the Cross, saying {It is finished!}

And you My little ones coming through the rigors of life saying: {It is worth it all.} This marriage supper of The Lamb will be far reaching.

Revelation 19:7-9 (NIV)
7 Let us rejoice and be glad and give Him glory! For the wedding of The Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready.
8 Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear.” (Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of God’s holy people.)
9 Then the angel said to me, “Write this: blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of The Lamb!” and he added, “These are the true Words of God.”