Prophetic word from the Sunday morning teaching Resurrection Sunday

Now into your hands I place the harvest of souls that have been waiting for such a time as this.

I place within your hands the Heavenly harvest of young converts that need to know all about Me and My kingdom.

You are fully equipped to do all things for those who do not know Me.  You will lead guide and direct them to My Heavenly kingdom.  Your exploits will far exceed anything you have read in My Word. {Greater works}.

Many will stand in My Presence and know Me face to face.  Many will be so hungry for Me that they will not be satisfied until they have visitation after visitation of My angelic hosts telling them what to do.  I will send My messengers to you and they shall tell you of great swelling events that are on the horizon, and your role in bringing them to pass.

These angelic beings have been waiting for this time frame of church history and they are so ready to do your bidding.

Ramp up little ones; ramp up and be brought forth with great and mighty power from on high.  Rejoice mightily at all times.  Be prepared in season and out of season; for you know not when I will call upon you to do the miraculous.

It is show case time for all that call upon My name.  I am laughing; I am dancing, and I am rejoicing with you.  The greatest event in church history has already begun and you are partaking of the first fruits of this great and mighty event.

As you go forth, just rejoice in the greatness of this work!