We believe every word the Father speaks through His prophets.  There is no devil in hell that will change our minds.  You can call us whatever you so desire, but that does not move us to recanting.

I am with those who will stand on that statement; for they are standing on the truth of My Word.  They have sold out to self-years ago and they are marching forward paving the way for others to follow the truth and reject the lies of the evil forces of darkness.

Do they know what it is to suffer?  You bet they do.  They know what it is to be lonely and have other prophets put them to scorn with their words.  They know what it is to have people whisper behind their backs and speak all manner of evil against them.  But you know what?  They know they did the same thing to My Son Jesus and they are willing to bear their Cross no matter what it is, just as My Son did.

These are the ones that I have had on the backside of the desert and they are emerging into the brightness of My Light and that Light will tear down the darkness. Just you wait – watch Me vindicate all that would not bow their knees to Baal.

Surely all that I speak does come to pass.