LOVELY ONES I am sending My LOVE to you this day in an unprecedented way.  This LOVE will far reach any other LOVE I have sent to you.  This LOVE will reach the multitudes and this LOVE will never fade away.  Take My hand in a brand-new way and walk with Me in the path I have laid before your feet.  You are the ones I have been forging in the furnace of affliction.  I have been purging all the old chaff out of you and I have been bringing you to a new elevation in Me.

In this season it is all about hearts – but I tell you a truth, every day is a day of hearts.  It is a time of LOVE every day, not just one day of the year.  You were brought forth in LOVE and you have been LOVED all the days of your lives.  I will continue to lead you by My Agape LOVE, and you shall take this LOVE to the nations.

More and more each day our hearts are becoming as one. This will continue until our hearts meet and explode into one.  My heart will beat within your heart and we shall take this Heavenly Agape LOVE to all who are without HOPE.