Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday evening worship service Timing

Word #1

I’m just hearing God say the fellowship of the saints needs to grow stronger and stronger; for in the few short days coming before you you’re gonna need fellowship. True fellowship that will encourage and uplift you.

Word #2

God is telling me He simplifies things and you are the one that makes it hard and difficult by wanting it your way.

Word #3

With some of you who have been really rough around the edges, and in-between and up and down and all around- when people who know you personally inside and out; when they see God using you with signs, wonders, and miracles they’re going to say “There’s no way this can be happening,..” And I’m hearing God say some of you have been a misfit all your life and He made you that way because He wanted you to fit into His mold and not the mold of the world. So you’ve always been a misfit; and people are going to look down on misfits, and they’re gonna say there’s no way this is God it has to be something else- witchcraft or something, but eventually they’re gonna say “You know this really is God.”

So you have to keep on moving with God: allowing God to use you anyway He wants to use you, and keep a smile on your face that comes from your heart and not plaster; you know that you really are happy and smiling that God is using you in a miraculous way.

Word #4

What God wants to do here tonight is He wants to drop His Glory on you in a way that it will stay with you from now until the day Jesus Christ takes you on home. The Glory will be in you, on you, and around you that wherever you go miracles will start occurring. I am hearing God say this is not a farce, this is not a fake thing He’s doing this is a true perfect works that He is doing this day. This whole day is designed to start the works of the Greater Works and we already said this morning the Greater Works are all the miracles that God speaks about in His Word. It’s gonna be in such a great capacity because you’ll have more people out there that you’ll influence. There’s more people out there that really, they’ve been sitting in the Houses of God but they’ve never been told the truth.

Word #5

This is very serious. Are you really ready tonight to carry the Glory? And God said this is the heavy Skekinah Glory that He’s going to drop on you tonight. It’s not a Glory that just hap hazard. It’s a heavy Skekinah Glory that He’s going to drop on you tonight and it’s not going to leave.

Word #6

Some of you feel like you’ve disgraced God up to this point and God said after tonight you’ll never disgrace Him again because you will be a light unto the nations.

Word #7

Don’t believe the lie of the enemy. Don’t believe him when he tells you you’re not worthy to carry this Glory.

Word #8

After tonight, you’re going to find yourself professing the goodness of God to everyone you meet.