Prophecies that occur during the Sunday morning worship service The Great ReturnĀ 

Word #1

It’s about the lost and the dying. Jesus Himself said He didn’t come back for the saved. He came back for the lost. You’re supposed to be already saved, right? And you’re supposed to be a vessel that God can use to send to the lost. And I’m hearing God say “Or are you one of the prodigals?” You’re not really living the life that you profess that you are. I’m hearing God say “It’s time for the prodigals to come back home. It’s time for My churches to open their doors wide and receive those who went astray. It’s time for you to quit sitting in your comfortable chairs and wanting Me to bless you when there are so many out there that need to be blessed. And like the Father told His son, ‘You’re with Me always. Everything I have is yours.’ But the lost don’t have Jesus and they don’t have everything that Heaven holds.”

I’m hearing God say “If you feel in your heart that you are a prodigal, in other words, one that has not really lived the life of loving the unlovable and forgiving every time you need to forgive… you just know there’s just certain attributes about yourself that’s not Christ like.” Those are the ones that God wants to come to the altar right now because He wants to give you a special touch this morning that’s going to pull you out of that state of lethargy that you’re in. And He’s going to take you into the Heavenly places and allow you to see what He sees.

Word #2

My prodigals are out there. They cry day and night asking Me to forgive them. But yet they won’t receive forgiveness because they think they have sinned too long and too hard. I am going to be sending you to the prodigals. I am going to be sending you to them to speak My love and My peace to them.

I want you to be a congregation of love. I want you to be a congregation of peace. I do not want you to be distracted by the things of this world. But I want you to hold My hand continually and allow Me to bring you right into the very throes of Heaven.

I want you to come up into My Throne Room and I want you to sit at My feet and be refreshed each and every day. You will hear the voices of those crying in the wilderness. You will hear their prayers, you will know who they are for I am going to open up the windows of Heaven and let you see and hear what I see and hear. And when I show you one, then you must go to them and you must open up your arms to them and tell them of My love and My grace and My longsuffering.

You must endure to the very end My children. You have no privilege of quitting in the middle of the fight. You must proceed forth. You must do the works that needs to be done in this given hour.