Prophecies given during the Sunday morning worship service Holy Holy Holy

Word #1

You children, you need to understand that I am with you and not against you and I am leading, guiding, and directing you in the right path that you should go. And He’s also saying I am not the author and finisher of confusion and when you get into confusion, you need to understand that the enemy is afoot- trying to take you out of My perfect will.

Word #2

God wants you to change fathers this morning. You either completely and totally get rid of the devil in your life or God can’t use you. You need to quit blaming everyone else for what’s going on in your life.

Word #3

I have spoken a word of truth over your lives and I am your Father and I am watching over you right now. Some I’m looking at with tears in My eyes, others I am looking at with a smile upon My face. And I say unto you: It doesn’t matter where you are at right now. What matters is that you are choosing Me to be the Author and Finisher of your life. From this day forth, you will see a new strategy being worked out within your lives. You will hear My voice very clearly and you will know exactly what you are to do at all times.

Life has been hard up to this point. I will be the first one to agree with you. But I say unto you life is not going to get any better- you are just going to be happier. In other words- the darkness is going to become gross darkness. The enemy is going to be raging all around about. But you who have determined to follow Me with all of your being, you will know joy unexplainable. You will walk in perfect peace. You will have comfort on all sides. There is a great and mighty works that you must do for Me in this given time- this given time frame.

For little ones, I truly am working out the second coming of My Son Jesus. You are the vessels of honor that I am going to work through. I have been strengthening you even though you cannot feel it or see it, I have been strengthening you for such a time as this. I want you to understand one thing as you leave this building this day. Life has changed as you know it. All things around about you are going to change, for you are now stepping into the new life that I have purposed for you. You are now stepping into the newness of who you are in Me, and the fullness.

And sons and daughters, I would say unto you this day: Take all of My power and all of My authority and destroy the enemy at every turn. Never once giving the enemy even a second thought. Prevail little ones, prevail. For surely the time is at hand when the enemy is at work full time- but I am also at work full time, and I will keep you just as I promised and you will not falter nor will you fall. But you will go forward as a strong tower- as a warrior. And you will win many many souls for My Kingdom. It’s all in trust little ones. You must trust Me at every turn. Every new adventure trust Me. Knowing that I have brought you to this new adventure and I will surely hold your hand and bring you forth. I am your Father and you are My beloved ones and- in whom I am well pleased. Keep walking forward never looking back.

Word #4

Some of you God said the banner over you is defeat: You are always defeated in your own minds, and God said tear that banner down and put the banner of victory over yourself and the banner of love because love has brought you to victory and love is going to see you stand in victory continually.