This month will require much discernment.  Many false prophets have arisen upon the scene prophesying what is not of Me.  Know who you are in Me and continue on the road that I have placed your feet upon.  You will see miracles but you will also see great storms during this month.  Do not stray from the truth of My Word.  Continually abide under the Shadow of The Almighty and allow Me to comfort you in the midst of the storms and allow Me to direct your very footsteps.  I am the Author and Finisher of your lives and I intend to complete the works that I have started, saith the Lord.

No more foolishness!  I am requiring strict discipline for My children. It will take great discipline to keep your eyes stayed upon Me as the storms continue to brew and come forth.

A mighty wave of destruction is coming upon the earth and only those who have ears to hear will understand what is going on.  Discernment!  Remember that word from this day forth.