Prophecies given during the Sunday evening worship service Jesus

Word #1

Us who have been spending alot of time with the Father- and we are like racehorses at a gate. We’re saying God open that gate and let us go- but now is not the time yet. And see what we have to do is just retain what we have. Keep thanking the Father for who He is and keep holding on to the Glory that we have because God said in the wink of His eye the Glory is going to fall and your life is going to be totally and completely changed, and He’s been trying to get us to get everything in order, because once the Glory falls, you won’t be able to get everything in order. You won’t have time to do that.

I am hearing God say, “While you’re a horse waiting at the gate, reverence Me. Reverence Me in everything that you do.” I am hearing Him say, “And the horse called slowpoke is going to win the race.” And what He’s saying here is, you just see someone sitting around looking like they’re doing absolutely nothing, but really, inside God is doing a perfect works. And they’re the one that’s going to outrun you. In other words, God is saying quit judging your brother and sister. Don’t look at the outward appearance because you don’t know what’s going on in the heart. You don’t know what’s going on in their home and in their life, and you don’t know what I am doing in their life. You work on your race. You work on what God is doing with you and leave everyone else alone.

Word #2

There is an anointing that will awaken the atmosphere around about you if you will allow Him to give you that anointing. If you allow Him to give you that anointing to awaken that atmosphere around you, every place you go, you will awaken that atmosphere of darkness and your light will cause that darkness to flee and God will use you to do many signs, wonders, and miracles.

Word #3

I am the light, I am the Glory that hovers over you each and everyday. I touch you. I hold you tightly in My arms. I breathe new life. New life. Resurrection life. You are My children. You are My beloved ones in whom I am well pleased. Oh, I’ve said over and over again touch not My anointed ones.  Do My prophets no harm.

Children, you must understand this: The enemy doesn’t care what I say. He tries to undo My Word on the right and on the left. But I am in full and total and complete control and he cannot undo My Words. He cannot undo My anointing that I send your way. Trust Me in every area of your life.

Sing a new song. Sing a new song unto Me My children. Straight from your heart I want the song to come. I don’t want it to be a song that somebody else wrote. I want you to write the song from your heart. I want you to praise Me from your heart. I want to lift you up higher even this night.  I want to take you out of poverty of spirit, and I want to take you into an overcoming victory.

Some of you in here, the enemy is trying to make you believe you missed Me, but that is not true. You are My beloved ones. You are my beloved ones. Take a stand for righteousness. I am with you, I promise. I promise I am with you. This is a fight to the finish. Run your race well. Run your race in total faith and stand in the Victory Circle- for I am waiting with open arms to receive you into the Victory Circle. I need you My children. I need you this very second to come and dine with Me. Come and rejoice in the spirit realm. Come. Even as you lay out before Me right now My children. I need you. I truly need you to come into My Presence. As you yield yourself to Me, you will feel your spirit become lighter and lighter. I am calling you up hither right now. I want to give you a vision of what I am going to do with you in the days ahead. I want you to understand what it is that I’m calling you forth to do.

Word #4

Some of you have been asking God to part the Jordan River so you can walk over on dry ground and into the Promised Land. And God said right now He is letting you see the Jordan River part and you’ll see the stones and He’s taking you acrossed into the Promised Land of milk and honey where great signs, wonders, and miracles will begin to occur.

Word #5

Some of you will be codebreakers. God’s gonna allow you to see the secrets and the truths- the deep, hidden secrets and truths that no one else has been able to dig up. It’s a special anointing He just gives to a certain few. And He is calling you to be code breakers tonight. And to be a code breaker, you must walk in total holiness, have clean hands, and a clean heart, and not be asking for yourself but ask for others. And God said we have to understand that the older generation is dying off and He is bringing a newer generation forth. And this new generation, they’re going to be bold as lions and they are going to go out there and they are going to destroy the works of darkness. He’s calling each and every one of us in here tonight to be part of that generation. Fearless- you don’t fear nothing- just going forth knowing that God has your back. Knowing that He has called you. Man has not, but He has called you.

Some of you still have wonderlust in your eyes, and tonight God is washing that wonderlust out of your eyes.