Prayer is important for everyone’s lives. Not only is it so we can communicate to our Heavenly Father, but to also intercede and help others be covered, find salvation, and bridge the gaps where the devil may be fighting them.

In marriage it is important that every day we pray for our spouses and keep them covered. There are things that they are going through that they may not even know or feel to share. God sees it all and knows all and when we submit these things in prayer, He is able to move and manifest big and small miracles in their lives. This will help them grow closer to God as well as bring strength to your marriage.

Maybe you have never thought about praying for your spouse every day or you may pray for them all the time. Either way, each week we are going to point out a couple power points that will help you to pray for things that you may have forgotten or looked over, or it may confirm what you are already praying for them. It is best to pray this prayer over your spouse in the morning, but do not let it discourage you to be praying throughout the day and night as well.

Remember this is only a suggestion. Personalize it and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in all things. You may also use this to pray for other people in your lives as well and watch the work God will do in their lives.

This week we are going to focus on praying against the voice of inadequacy from the enemy.

Heavenly Father,

Good Morning and thank You for waking me up to enjoy this day with You. Thank You for embracing me with Your presence and keeping me covered in the Blood of Jesus and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, I ask you that as I pray that You help me with the words to speak and the ears to hear on what is to be prayed for my spouse today.

God, I ask you to cleanse us today from all things that are not of You and remove all debris and residue of sin away from us. God, I ask You to clothe my spouse, ___(Spouse’s name)_________ and I with the full armor of God and in robes of righteousness. May we walk in Your Love and in Your Ways.

Father, I bring before You my spouse, ___(Spouse’s name)___________. Right now, with everything going on in the world and in the home, I am asking You to keep my spouse covered and protected from the fiery darts of inadequacy and the voices of the enemy. Those times, God when my spouse doesn’t feel that he/she is good enough, equipped enough, or feel that they have failed in any particular area, that You strengthen him/her with Your love and whisper encouragement in his/her ears and hearts.

Father, help him/her to overcome any thought or voice of the enemy that makes them feel that they are not enough, that him/her is rejected. Let all things of discouragement be removed away from them. Build up who he/she is in you. Allow him/her to see themselves as You see them.

I ask that You place protective angels that have been assigned to my spouse according to Psalm 91:11-12.  “For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone.”. Father, please give them the assignment of reinforcing my spouse’s position in his/her destiny that you have written for ___(Spouse’s name)___________ in the books of Destiny and other books that You have written about him/her. May the angels war on his/her behalf and bring for the victory that is already ours to have. Let this be a day that You draw him/her closer to You and fill him/her with all the goodness you have for him/her. Heal the wounds that the enemy would use against him/her in all areas that hinder him/her from being protected against this attack of inadequacy.

Father, if there is anything in me that the enemy would try to use to cause my spouse to feel inadequate to shine the light on it so that it can be removed. Father, have guidance upon my words and actions throughout the day that I will uplift my spouse and not tear down. Draw me closer to you, God, so that I can be a support and not a hindrance in this marriage. Jesus, I come into total agreement on what You are interceding for on my spouse’s behalf.

Father, may You always be first and foremost in our marriage and bring an awareness to us in areas that we can fix where inadequacy will no longer be an issue and that security and confidence in You that we will stand upon.

I thank You and I praise You that this is taken place. I cover this prayer in the name of Jesus and may Your mighty works take place in our lives so that You may get all the Glory. I love you, Father. In the name of Jesus – AMEN.