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Are You Comprehending Your Spouse?

by Nancy Connell

Communication has been a huge topic for many years as an important factor into keeping your marriage strong and healthy. I am a firm believer that communication is important and a vital part to marriage. Without communication, a marriage can be destroyed very quickly. As I have been reflecting on my own marriage, an observation […]

Prayer For The Health of Your Spouse and Marriage

by Nancy Connell

During this time there is a lot of sickness going around as well as a lack of exercise or being overworked. Even having to sit at a computer can take its toll on a body. We need to face these things in full force if any evidence of pain, soreness, swelling, or suffering in the […]

Praying Against The Voice Of Inadequacy In Your Spouse

by Nancy Connell

Prayer is important for everyone’s lives. Not only is it so we can communicate to our Heavenly Father, but to also intercede and help others be covered, find salvation, and bridge the gaps where the devil may be fighting them. In marriage it is important that every day we pray for our spouses and keep […]

Respect In A Marriage

by Nancy Connell

In the world today you will find that respect is not something commonly practiced anymore. There are not many people who teach their children how to respect. The world today is very self-focused with a ‘self-achiever, successor, and crush anyone in the way’ mentality. This has greatly flowed into marriage relationships. Respect can be a […]

Let God Do The Fixing

by Nancy Connell

Does it feel that sometimes, your spouse is not on the same page as you and maybe you feel a little slated or frustrated? It is hard to work with someone when unity may seem to be disrupted and things seem not quite like they should be. Actions and attitudes seems to come and go […]

Measure of Thankfulness for Your Spouse

by Nancy Connell

In this season of Thanksgiving and the change of weather and time, it is also a time that we need to reflect upon where our lives are and where they are headed. In this same theme, let us reflect on our marriage and see just where we are at in our marriage. How thankful are […]