As you walked away from the old and moved on into the new; a new life was formed before your feet.  You walked into a dispensation of time that will usher in the second coming of My Son Jesus; and in this time frame many mighty miracles will occur.  Just as the way was opened for mighty miracles when My Son first started His ministry, the same is occurring all across this land.

Many will see awesome miracles in their lives and in the lives of those around about them. Oh what an awesome step you took when you stepped into the open door before you and allowed Me to close the door to the past.

Just as John the Baptist was a forerunner for My Son Jesus to appear the first time; I raised up many forerunners to open up the way for the second coming of My Son.  They paid a price for this dispensation of time just as John the Baptist did; but they were happy to obey My commands to go forth and make the way.

Now you are the ones that will continue on with the mighty works as My Glory drops and the Greatest Harvest of church history begins.  Always remember the greatest miracle is the lost being pulled out of the abyss and brought into the glorious light of My Kingdom.