Prophecy through Rev Aaron Betz

Eye has not seen. Ear has not heard. The blindness can’t hide it. The deafness can’t hide it. My Glory is coming to undo all of the spiritual blindness that has run rampant over these millennia. The end times is quickly emerging and yes is here but guess what? I am giving My marching orders to all that will hear and I am about to destroy the hell that has been destroying (or so they think) My children.

All of you that have beared the burden and have put up with the degradation and lies are now being put into place and all will see that I the Lord your God has had a plan and purpose for you every day of your lives. You are the handpicked ones. You are the ones who I have dealt with and lovingly long-suffered, but its because the plan is so perfect and now is.

Walk ye therein the destiny My children. The destiny for My body is now coming to pass and you walk in that single destiny in one accord.