When the truth is fully known, there will be great gnashing of teeth.  The enemy looks like he has the top hand in the affairs of Washington; but it is just that {looks like}.  I have had and always will have the top hand in all affairs of this world.  Even though more often than not it looks as if the enemy is winning, he has never and will never win.

This is a fight to the finish and the enemy is not going to let go easily.  But My Children as you allow Me to do My Heavenly works, you will see the enemy defeated at every turn.  I am about to overturn a lot of things in the next few months.  Things that all say will never be overturned will be overturned and you shall see and know that it is My hand at work.

Keep your eyes peeled on Me and never allow the enemy to cause you to look at the circumstances around you.  If I have spoken it, then it shall surely come to pass.  Always remember that I do not talk just to be talking.  I speak when I need you to understand what I am doing in your life, in the lives of others and in this government.

I am at work sitting My houses in order and you shall see all houses come into alignment with My words.