Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz.

People the calling is coming. The falling is coming as well. The calling of the new and the falling of the old. As I have cut the branches, they will be falling to the ground and as soon as these hit the ground the new ones will be called in and the existing ones on the Vine will go forth in their highest callings.

Some have no idea what will soon happen with them. There are promotions for the faithful ones. The prodigals are going to be grafted back in and the newbies that in no way know Me will come in and be known throughout the nations as those whom God so loveth. The love-evangelism movement is coming and it will be seen by all. The barriers and divisions within My Body are going to be obsolete and in no place will they find room on the Vine. Devastation is going to be seen in certain places and rejuvenation is going to become widespread- so much that all will question the very nature of doubt. For a certain time period before the grand delusion there will be an outright outrage of doubt because I will make Myself so real. Don’t be outraged but just sing that life-song that I have given all of you to sing and be transformed into the nature of My Son.

Sonship is being processed far and wide and many will become Sons and Daughters of the King and all will know the name that they praise. Whether good or bad, they will know.

The antichirst will come after this first phase comes but the antichirst will have his work cut out against My faithful ones. Once I allow his signs and wonders to pour on the scene this is a sign that the elect will soon be brought home.