Let Me take you back to where you once were when you first fell in love with Me and let Me show you how it all was.  You were happy, content and so much in love with Me, but soon the enemy came and started digging at your foundation of Love until he has completely eroded all signs of Love and now you are sitting on the back side of the desert wondering what went wrong.

What went wrong was the fact that you took you eyes off of Me and you placed them on man and that is when all the doubt and unbelief and “What ifs?” came flooding into your soul.  That is when you decided through the nudging of the enemy of your soul that I was not enough and you started to look to man to suffice; when in My Word I tell you that I am more than enough.

My Bride must come back into the bridal chambers and you must fall in love with Me all over again and you must decide that you will never leave me nor forsake Me ever again and then follow My commandments with all of your beings.

Take control of your thought life and never give the enemy an inroad ever again.  Make him back off.  Make him come under subjection to your voice instead of you coming under subjection to him.

Then and only then will your life straighten out and then and only then will the great signs wonders and miracles occur.

Remember that I love you and I am here with open arms just waiting for you to return to your first love.  Always remember I am not a mixture. I am pure and I am honest and I am true and there is none other like Me, no not one!