I have warned you that this hour was coming and now it is upon you.  Gross darkness is covering this land called America and the enemy has come after the land that I love so desperately.  He has brought all of his arsenal with him and he will not relent.

My children it is up to you to fast and pray and break the unholy chains that the enemy is trying to wrap around America.

America is great; but the enemy is trying to take a hold of it and cast it aside like dust.  I have set America apart as a sign and a wonder and I have not relented in this.

As you fast and pray, you will see the anti-Christ spirit being torn down and you shall see My Most Holy Love invade all parts of America.

It is My Love that has been attacked and the enemy has brought division in every area of this land. He has been working overtime in the homes and in the government.

Watch the work places and see how the enemy is trying to bombard there and start an unholy war within the work places.

Brother will fight against brother, Sister against sister.  The enemy will not stop; he is all together relentless with his hate and dissatisfaction.

You must hold onto My Word at all cost at this given time; for this is an all-out attack against the heart strings of My people.