Many new faces will be coming to the forefront at this given time. These new faces will hear and believe all of My Counsel and they will go forth with truth under their belts and they will not stop until every demon understands that their mission is to totally annihilate the kingdom of darkness.

These new faces will face the adversary at every turn and they will not back down; for they are full of My Spirit and they will go forth with total confidence in My Word and they shall destroy the entire kingdom of darkness at every turn.

The church has seen nothing until they see these new faces that are coming forth at this given time. My church failed in their mission; but these new faces will complete the works and much rejoicing will be seen and heard on all sides.

These new faces know what it is like to be bound by the adversary and they know of the shackles and the tears and they are determined in their heart of hearts that the enemy will no longer have his free will in their lives or in the lives of all they meet.