A new day and a new year
No time like the present to say no to fear
Seasons come and seasons go
So many hurrying and frantically going to and fro

But who will sit still in God’s presence and His feet
To hear His quiet and gentle voice and the sound of His heartbeat
Beating to the rhythm of the harmony of love
That only comes from the Father of the Heavens above

Too many have wasted their time
Worrying, striving, fleshly dreams just to make another dime
Money will get you nowhere but a collection of junk
And after the money is gone temporary happiness turns into a funk

But if you would just listen to that still quiet voice
Spending that time with Him will make His heart rejoice
For it is in that still quiet voice that direction will come
Provisions, promises, and all wisdom and knowledge beyond a lump sum

All you have to do is believe and ask
For God it is not a difficult task
He just wants to spend time with His children and watch them dance and sing
This just brings such joy to the King of kings

What this year hold for you
Is up to what you do
Will you sit at the Master’s feet?
Or will this be another year  of trial, error, and defeat?