My children, today I propose a question to you. What do you believe?

Many of you say you believe that I gave you My one and only Son. Many of you say you believe that He died on the cross so that you could one day return back to heaven with Me and be saved. Many of you say this and say that, but what do you really believe?

What you really believe should be in your actions. When My Son was on this earth He gave commands of obedience when asking a question and He expected action. When He questioned Peter, He asked him, “Do you love Me?” And Peter proclaimed, “Yes, My Lord.” My Son, Jesus, then told Him to feed His sheep. Not once. Not twice. But three times Peter was asked the same question and each time with the answer came a commandment of the steps to prove what was spoken. When My Son would bring forth the miracles of healing, He would give a command of obedience to show that to receive you must believe and when you believe you will walk it out.

When you believe what I tell you, then you will put yourself into action. You will proceed forward in all that you have learned up to that point and when it is used then I will refill with more. Many of you do not proceed forward because there is a seed of doubt somewhere that stops you from believing in the Words that were spoken.

I ask you again, what do you believe? Let the words of your lips match up to the actions and let it reflect those words. Watch every blessing pour out upon you because you finally understand the phrase, “If you would only believe.”